Spring 2017 Twisted Hunt Merchant List:

This page opens the links to the map in a new tab or window depending on your browser and personal settings. If you prefer to have them open in the same tab or window and use the browser back button please use this version of the page instead! You should also use the OTHER Version if you use the built in browser in SL!

Known extras are listed after the link to locations we've been informed have them by the merchant. For more detailed information check for a Twsited Hunt Easel at those locations!

NOTE: The hunt ended March 31st at midnight SLT. Now that April has arrived, this is here for those wishing to see if any are still available as some merchants will leave them out for a few days post hunt. That said there are no hints for any still left and no promises if they are there or not!

Start here:

  1. Twisted Headquarters Hunt Start Point Grab the start cube at headquarters to get started on the hunt with your first gift, every cube in all stores will be the same size, color, texture, etc as this first one! You will also find free cube avatar and cube shooter updated for this theme in boxes with the Hunt poster on them!


  3. Secrets of Gaia
  4. :{MV}:
  5. Anachron Side Hunt
  6. Roawenwood
  7. ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Minihunt Maze
  8. Attitude is an Artform
  9. Lilith's Den Side hunt, prize portal, gachas, and Infinity Wallpaper Sale
  10. Deluxe Body Factory Twisted Hunt Group MM and sale plus Gachas
  11. Goth1c0
  12. *paper moon*
  13. Dixie Dandelion
  14. Sn@tch Mini hunt
  15. ~Lantian/Flox~

  16. Merchants

  17. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
  18. Dixie Designs
  19. Hearth & Home
  20. Store had to drop out
  21. Moondrops
  22. Horr Menswear Quantum of Wallis - Twisted Side Game
  23. United InshCon
  24. .:: Little Indulgences ::. Side hunt, Gachas, store wide 50% off sale
  25. The Crones Garden
  26. ~SongBird~
  27. Syren's Song
  28. Roped Passions Infernal Infinity Side hunt
  29. Arcadia
  30. Little 2 Large (Formerly Petite Plunder)
  31. Moonlitecat Creations Gacha and Sidehunt maze
  32. Merchant not in hunt
  33. Dekute Dekore
  34. Spyralle
  35. {Acios} 50% off all green items
  36. Elegant Daydream Gardens
  37. .::Aftershok::.
  38. Zoe's Garden 2 extra prizes (extras have no LM in them only the main prize does)
  39. * Amaranthus *
  40. SAKIDE
  41. Mishmash Fusion Gachas, Lucky Dip, Exclusive MM boards, and mini hunt
  42. Kittycat's Creations
  43. *Independent Objects*
  44. Creepy Twins
  45. VH
  46. Archaic
  47. Love Everlasting PlantPets Sale, Gachas, Side hunt
  48. ThatChick
  49. Gothic Desires Gacha and minihunt
  50. Adorably Strange Wares
  51. Get Frocked
  52. Black Rose Designs
  53. ~Krakt~
  54. LOMO by [ IBAN ]
  55. Rowena's Designs
  56. Precious Designs
  57. Store Dropped
  58. Painfully Divine
  59. by Page Creations Side hunt
  60. Steel & Ink
  61. Sanctuary Darque Decor
  62. [CIRCA] Living
  64. Dramazone
  65. [NEPHILIM]
  66. Senzafine and Astrae Cosmetics (Astrae under Senzafine as parent brand)
  67. Epicine
  68. ~MystRie~
  69. Lutra city story company Scavanger Hunt
  70. Simply Designed
  71. Exquisite Jewellery
  72. .::[Angelic Designs]::. Gacha
  73. E-mesh
  74. Grogo's Gadgets

  75. END HERE:
  76. Twisted Evil End Game
  77. The location of end game is not published, and there will be no link here for it! ENd Game will open near the end of the first week of the hunt see info in the prior store's gift or sign at the end game start point for more information!

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten