Fall 2017 Twisted Hunt Merchant List:

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Extras listed are those submitted to us that are specifically twisted extras! Many stores have other MM boards, gachas, and hunt prizes not connected to Twisted in addition that will not be listed as well. Please note, these are now added as a way to help hunters who may have missed them, but we do not collect this list past what is submitted via the merchant form by our merchants nor do we have extra help for those side hunts listed. For more information on the extras at any location make sure to click the Twisted Easel!

Please be aware the hunt ended at midnight on September 3oth, this list is being left up for now to assist anyone who may wish to try to continue with any of the locations that may still be available since many of our merchants do leave prizes and extras out for a short time after the hunt. However there will be no hints available, and not all locations will still have prizes or extras!

Start here:

  1. Twisted Headquarters Hunt Start Point Grab the start cube at headquarters to get started on the hunt with your first gift, every cube in all stores will be the same size, color, texture, etc as this first one!


  3. Secrets of Gaia
  4. Anachron (Gacha and Side Hunt)
  5. Attitude is an Artform
  6. Roawenwood
  7. Fallen Gods Inc. (Side Hunt)
  8. Lilith's Den (Gacha, Side Hunt, Exclusive Sale Item)
  9. ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ (Side Hunt, Lucky Gallows, Gachas)
  10. Goth1c0 (Mini Hunt, Gacha, Special Sale for select items)
  11. Roped Passions (Side Hunt, Riot Vendors, Extras for Sale, Gacha)
  12. Dixie Designs
  13. ~Lantian/Flox~
  14. Sn@tch (Mini Hunt)
  15. The Mesh Cloud (Side Hunt)
  16. Rivendale (2 Extra Prizes)
  17. Archaic (Past Gifts out to be gathered)

  18. Merchants

  19. Gothic Desires (Mini Hunt, 50% off New Altar)
  20. by Page Creations
  21. Dixie Dandelion
  22. Love Everlasting PlantPets (Side Hunt, Special Sales)
  23. Grim Death Co (Side Hunt)
  24. Bad Kitty
  25. Dreamscapes Art Gallery (side hunt)
  26. Hearth & Home
  27. ThatChick
  28. ~SongBird~
  29. .::Aftershok::.
  30. Beyond the Dark
  31. Deadly Nightshade
  32. ~MystRie~ (Gachas and Side Hunt w/Store 42)
  33. Get Frocked
  34. Angel Manor Estates
  35. Spyralle
  36. De Baza
  37. Inevitable Madness
  38. Hesperia
  39. Painfully Divine
  40. Store dropped from the hunt
  41. Store dropped from the hunt
  42. Dekute Dekore
  43. United InshCon
  44. Mishmash Fusion (Gachas, MM Boards, Freebies, Side Hunt with Store 30)
  45. Adorably Strange Wares (Gacha)
  46. {Acios} (Sale)
  47. Timeless Textures (4 gifts to find and Sale)
  48. Treasured Designs
  49. Black Rose Designs
  50. Deluxe Body Factory (Sale)
  51. moonlitecat creations (Gachas and Side Hunt)
  52. *Dilly Dolls*
  53. Sanctuary Darque Decor & Bitchcraft
  54. MacMoragh an Gabha
  55. Little 2 Large (MM, Lucky Chairs, Maze with extra prize)
  56. DragonFyre Designs (Gacha)
  57. Clever Fox Designs (Side Hunt and TwistyCats free during hunt)
  58. Simply Designed (Side Hunt)
  59. ~Krakt~
  60. .::Sinfully Seddy::. (Past Hunt items)
  61. Syren's Song
  62. Crafty Demon Dwellings
  63. The EKC (Fishing Freebies, L$5 Twisted Nails, 2 Exclusive Extras on Sale, MM)
  64. Kittycat's Creations
  65. * Amaranthus *
  66. Fallen Arms: Rough
  67. Store dropped from the hunt
  68. Foxxies
  69. {.Gross Princess.} and *Tori-Tastic*
  70. Stitches Creations
  71. Sasheba's Closet
  72. Don't Blink! Bento Poses
  73. Vicious Decay
  74. [CIRCA] Living
  75. Latex Station
  76. Virtual Textures
  77. Carrie's Lingerie
  78. [NEPHILIM]
  79. Mahlberg Tailors (Gacha)
  80. E-mesh
  81. VH
  82. #bye
  83. Steel&Ink
  85. Lutra City Story Company
  86. JLZ Fashion
  87. Applique` Chic
  88. .:: Little Indulgences ::. (Side Hunt, Store Wide Sale, Gachas, Special Twisted Items Sale)
  89. Grogo's Gadgets

  90. END HERE:
  91. Twisted End Game: Escape From Twisted Manor
  92. The location of end game is not published, and there will be no link here for it! We urge hunters to read the information at the start point!

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten