Rules for Participating Merchants:

  • You may not rename your hunt box.

    Yeah, we know some people cheat and use finder huds, and if they know the name then they can find your item without having to hunt. We’re going to let them. Let them come and go, and think of them as jackass cousin Bob who comes to your family reunion, eats all the potato salad and leaves again, to the tune of ‘good riddance’. Most people hunt – and keeping the hunt boxes properly named helps them keep their inventory intact and lets them keep track of where they are on the hunt that way. No point in punishing the whole fam because cousin Bob is wanker.There is ONE exception to this rule. If you have multiple prizes and want to add (X of X) at the end to both alert hunters there is more than one and tell them which one they’ve gotten, this is just fine — but it MUST go at the very end, AFTER your store name.If you are concerned about thwarting area search, we'd highly suggest that you instead simply drop a notecard in the contents that says that instead!

  • You must sell the CONTENTS of the hunt box for L$0.

    This seems to be a tough one for people. Some want to charge L$1. Some want to sell a copy rather than contents. Some want to use a scripted ‘give’ instead of selling. Some want to use a ‘give only once’ script. No, no, no, and no. More and bigger problems are caused by this than we can describe. If you sell a copy and not contents – then they have to find somewhere to rez to get the next LM. (And seriously, not everyone knows you can wear the box and pull the LM out.) And using a scripted ‘give’ is nightmarish for hunters. Scripts are also some of the first things to start failing when the lag begins – and you end up with a pile up of frustrated hunters in your store being cranky, and no one has any fun. So – selling, contents, L$0. We know you are saying your place isn’t laggy, but for hunters between the amount of textures the viewer is having to load time and again from teleporting and hunting, and the number of hunters we get, even sims that rarely lag start to bog down. Add the differences in computers and how well they work with SL and your script that you claim will never fail is a nightmare for some hunters. Additionally, at NO TIME should you ever have the Twisted hunt cube used to hide any extra gifts or side hunt prizes that are not L$0. While side hunts and extras are not required to be free, they should not be in the hunt cube, please plan accordingly to put those items in something other then the hunt cube. It is fine however, to use an oversized version of the cube (minimum .5 on all sides) if you wish to located near your gacha for fat packs or near the landing or sign for special extras that you have for sale. Be sure they are as large as indicated at least, as prize cubes are not allowed to be resized this should indicate to hunters that it's not the actual hunt prize.

  • You need to box up your hunt gift, and put YOUR box inside the ‘hunt box’.

    Here’s what the inside of your hunt box should look like: the LM to the next location, and a box containing your items. If you have male and female gifts, you might have two boxes and the LM to the next store. The point is – don’t just toss the LM in there with your stuff and make people sift. No, it’s not that hard – when you’re not lagged out because there’s no hunt going on. But when you’re waiting for inventory to load and suffering little freezes (which is just life on a hunt), it can make a big difference if you don’t have to hunt for the next LM too.

  • If you’re going to include a LM to your own store, it needs to be IN the box with your items.

    The only LM a hunter should see inside the folder they get from you is the one to the next store. It may sound like a small thing, but these poor people are suffering some massive lag. The easier we can make it for them to keep moving, the less likely they are to be a cranky SoB on the hunt. And no worries. They already have your LM – they got it from the store ahead of you. ;)

  • You can’t resize, retexture, recolor, remove the rotate script, link the box to another prim, or otherwise change the external appearance of the box.

    People need to know exactly what they’re looking for when they get there. Trust me – even if you think it’s easy, they don’t know your store like you do. So they need to understand the kinds of places it might fit (size) and what they’re looking at when they’re looking at the box (texture, color). Otherwise, the hunt is just no fun for them. This also includes linking the box to another child prim to try to end run the no scripting rule or to make it look like it is not the cube because it is more then one prim in area search. We are being very clear here, you can not change the box in ANY way other then to add your boxed gifts into the contents and set it to sell contents for L$0!

  • You must place the hunt box within 30 meters of the place hunters land.

    Note the language here: whether its because it’s the LM you gave us or because you have teleport routing forced to a certain point, the MAIN GIFT box must stay within 30 meters of that landing point. Let’s face it – 30m to the left, 30m to the right, back, forward, up, down – that’s a whole lot of space to search for something so small (and our hunt boxes are SMALL). If they had to search a whole sim for something that small, they’d cry, tear their hair out, and give up – or complain until none of us could stand it. We know some of you love torturing the hunters a little – and you’ll still have plenty of room to do that in 30m any direction. So – keep it within 30 meters for the main gift. If you have additional gifts they’re not required to be within 30 meters.

  • If you’re going to hide the hunt box, you must hide it fairly.

    You don’t HAVE to hide your hunt box, and some prefer not to (which is just fine). But if you do hide it – you need to hide it in such a way that a reasonable hunter can find it. So no stashing it in the wall completely, or with only a tiny corner showing. No sinking it into the ground, or totally concealing it in another prim. We can appreciate if people have to cam for it – but total concealment is out. To further clarify, this includes totally enclosing it within a transparent object which can be seen as just a decoration or inside a cabinet, or drawer. There must be a clear path of some kind, tricky or not to cam to the object without having to cam through another object or click something to open the drawer or cabinet to find it. The kind of lag many hunters experience means even your front door if it opens normally may actually stop working or create issues as one hunter clicks to open it and another does the same ending up closing it. Included in the merchant package will be some suggestions to help avoid frustrating hunters with needless lag problems including a suggestion that you lock your working front doors open for the hunt. This is not a requirement, but opening and closing doors are something that can quickly create issues for hunters before they even start looking around your location.

  • You cannot have a "ninja surprise" gift.

    What does that mean? You cannot disguise an extra or decoy prize so that when the hunter finds it, it appears to be the real main prize. While we adore our merchants creative spirit when it comes to torturing hunters, a prize that says it's the main prize then once opened (which could be days or could be months later) then is not the actual main gift at all pisses off genuine hunters who are not otherwise being asshats giving out locations etc. Even if you include a notecard saying it's not the main gift inside that inner box AND tell them even if the hunt is over you will send them the real one. Some people found this trick funny, while others got very angry over having been tricked. So please feel free to have extras etc. just no ninja surprises that you only find out were not the real gift later once you open them. Many don't open all of the prizes right away, some have a lot unopened still and with no way to know you need to check if you got the real one until that elusive moment when you get to open it this is just a bit unfair to the hunters to do this.

  • You are limited to a total of eleven (11) visible hunt boxes at your location.

    At no point, for any reason, should there be more than 11 visible hunt boxes at your location. Whether you have one prize and ten decoys, three prizes and eight decoys, or eleven prizes — eleven visible boxes should be the maximum! There is nothing fun or challenging for hunters about just endlessly clicking on boxes that have no prize in them – it’s just tedium, and hunters (rightfully) feel like it’s just a waste of their time. While we encourage every merchant to make their prize challenging to find, and making them look for a needle in a haystack is just fine – we require more creativity than just making hunters find a particular piece of hay in a haystack. Of note, VISIBLE – is an important word here. You are welcome to sink as many boxes in your floor or walls as you wish or your prim limit allows for to foil scanners and wireframers – but regular old hunters, using their eyeballs, should never see more than 11 boxes. That all said, extremely large cubes used for decoration and mesh piles or groups of cubes used for decoration are perfectly acceptable! If you wish to have more prizes because you are doing a dozen extras we encourage you to use a different container for your side hunt.

  • Your hunt sign and hunt box with your gift must be out by the start of the hunt and remain out for the duration of the hunt.

    The hunt runs from March 1st through March 31st. That means it should be out by 11:59:59 pm on February 28th and stay out until 12:00:01 am April 1st. You are welcome to leave them out longer, every hunt there are a few stragglers looking for the hunt prizes after midnight on the last day. However, at the very least please be sure the sign and prize remain out during the entier hunt.

  • Mutual Respect

    We expect people not to complain about the prizes and/or stores and merchants. We also expect some level of professionalism with our merchants, and this means the respect goes both ways. We do NOT want to see or hear about any hunter being belittled, bullied, mocked, or called names because they cannot find their way through a side hunt or other game. This is really NOT okay with us. Really, it isn’t. If we find someone doing this repeatedly, even after a warning, they will be invited not to apply to the next event. We are a bit saddened that we have had to add this to the rules. We will not be, as in some other cases, naming this rule for the merchant that inspired it. With other rules the issue was about pushing boundaries of rules we had in place that we felt needed to be strengthened. In this case we feel it was something that very strongly needs to be clearly pointed out that it is NOT ok to do. The complaints about it came from other merchants as well as hunters who were concerned about this behavior and so we've added this as a rule to ensure that it's clear going forward to all that such behavior is not alright. This is quite simply the rule of Twisted, it's been unspoken for years that while we're evil and twisted, we have had a group with unbelievably high amounts of mutual respect even without having to make this a rule in the past.

Twisted Organizers: Rox Arten, Lokii Violet, and Sredni Eel

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to us in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten