What is Twisted Krissmuss?

A holiday shopping event, put on by Second Life creators who want to make the holidays more awesome than they might have been for many. It runs December 7, 2016 - January 4, 2017.


If you don't celebrate Christmas, that's fine.
If you don't think people should celebrate Christmas without Christ, that's fine too.
If you celebrate some other holiday, and think that's the right one to celebrate - also fine.
But this promotion is NOT the place for that discussion.
We're not going to change the name.
We think ANY reason for a little giving back to the community is a good reason, and this name is as good as any other.
We love this time of year because of ALL the holidays, not just one.
If you don't like what we called it - then don't join. Totally your prerogative.
But we're all busy trying to make gifts and make the holidays better for people - so please, find somewhere else to have your debate about what/why we should be celebrating. ;)


The economy has really hit a lot of people hard recently- and when the economy is bad, and even while it's starting to get better, the holidays can suck. And the holidays should NEVER suck. Now, we can't really do anything about that in real life... but in Second Life, we can. And we're going to. We mean to make it affordable for people to get nice holiday presents for SL friends and family (or even for themselves, because hey we all deserve to treat outselves too)!


Yes, this could bring new customers to your store - and hopefully it will.
Yes, this could result in a lot of sales for you - and hopefully it will.

But the hands down, absolute number one reason for doing this... is using your talent and creative power to make other people's lives better. In the true spirit of the holiday season, this is about giving a little - and making it possible for people to have a nice SL holiday with presents and holiday cheer. If you're only in this for the sales... please, bow out now. If you realize that you have the power to make the holiday season a little brighter for people who will be having it hard this year and that makes you all warm and happy... you're exactly who we're looking for, glad you're here!


Yes, we know, you are used to Twisted Krissmuss being a shopping tour, where you had to hop around to the merchants' stores. However, that model of sale has lost popularity over the past few years in favor of the one location style event. have made the decision to change this event in 2015 to follow the newer more popular model in SL. We strongly believe that this newer model will be a much better event for all involved. In addition, it will allow us to help bring in additional traffic in a much more effective way. In moving toward, a single location we can add events that bring people to the location. For 2016 we will be incorporating some of the suggestions we got from the feedback forms for the first event of this style last year as well as from the new Summer sale event. We strongly believe that the adjustments based on feedback will help us to improve this event. Additionally, we appreciate the feedback our merchants provided as in some cases it confirmed issues we suspected needed to be addressed and in other cases showed us where there were issues we had not noticed ourselves. We will continue to ask merchants for feedback on these sale events and use that feedback to help improve this newer to us style event in every way we possibly can.

Twisted Organizers: Rox Arten, Lokii Violet, and Sredni Eel

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to us in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten