Hunt Going On Now!

Twisted Hunt Fall 2021!

Theme: Beyond The Veil

Color: Dusk

Dates: September 1-30, 2021

End Game IS OPEN!

Beyond the veil as referring to the mysterious division between the next world and this. Time for Twisted to give it's take on the spiritual world or the mystical state after death!

Coming Soon

Annual Twisted Krissmuss Holiday Sale!

Dates: December 9, 2021 to January 3, 2022

This is our annual winter holiday gift sale. There is NO hunt for this event.

This is the one event each year we celebrate together regardless of which holidays you personaly celebrate if any. This is about our merchants providing a discounted gift option for you to give to friends and family in SL, while we ask nothing of them for free, it's also the event that we hold our new year's party during and announce the following year's themes!

Twisted Organizer & Webmaster: Rox Arten

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to me in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.