About Featured Sponsors!

There are limited featured sponsorships available, however, that includes organizers. Featured sponsors get special consideration from the hunt organizers, in return for the special consideration they give.

Some stores have met with great success in Second Life, and we hope some of them are willing to lend the Twisted Hunt a little of their thunder, to improve things for everyone – both the other merchants in the hunt and the people who go on it.

Featured Sponsor Space is VERY Limited!

Benefits of featured sponsorship include:

  • Early placement in the hunt itself – OR, pick your location.
    Everyone knows that not everyone who starts a hunt finishes it – so the featured sponsors will come ahead of everyone else in the hunt, affording them as many visitors from the hunt as possible. Or, if you’d prefer to have a specific number you are welcome to choose that number too.

  • Your store’s name in the final hunt poster. Sponsor store names are featured in all final hunt posters, displayed at every hunt location.

  • Your store’s name in any press releases or guest blog appearances that we arrange.
    We don’t know how many places we’ll be able to post written details for the hunt – but we’re going to post as many as we can, and your store’s name will be mentioned in them specifically.

  • Sponsors will be allowed customized Gachas in end game survivor room. All other merchants MUST use the standard Twisted Gachas provided!

Any other ideas about benefits we might offer featured sponsors? Let us know!

Requirements for Featured Sponsors

To be a featured sponsor, you must:

  • Meet all the basic requirements for participation in the hunt.

  • Have the ability to promote the hunt to your own large store group or subscriber lists and be willing to also post to other groups that you are able to. This requirement is replacing the old traffic one. Note here, large groups are mentioned because most of our sponsors have several thousand members in the store group or subscriber lists they control.

  • Be willing to display a Twisted Hunt kiosk prominently near the landing point of your main store until the hunt ends.

  • Be willing to not sell the item created for the hunt until the day after the hunt ends. (You don’t have to sell it, ever – but you MUST agree not to sell it before the hunt ends.)

  • Be willing to post the official release notice (and maybe some unofficial cheering) on your store’s blog or website, if you have one.

  • Be willing to announce the hunt a few times to your store update group, subscriber group, etc. — anywhere you can.

Why ask so much?

Because we all know that driving quality traffic in SL can be like trying to herd cats – and that the promise of great, exclusive freebies from high-profile designers is bound to draw attention. And, we hope that you – like us – love the Twisted Hunt and the audience it serves, and want to see it succeed.

Note: The requirements above are based on exposure – a merchant’s ability to attract many shoppers to the hunt. A busy main store location and large group or subscriber lists are the easiest way… but there are other ways too. If you have an idea, if you feel you can benefit the hunt in a unique way we may be willing to work with you with a bit of wiggle room on the size of subscriber/group member lists. :)

If you want to be a featured sponsor, there is a section in the merchant application to fill out.

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten