Guidelines for Prizes

In the past, we’ve been reluctant to be specific about the kind of prizes we expect merchants to provide for the hunt. We shared in the attitude that because the prize did not come with a direct linden cost, it should be entirely at the merchant’s discretion. But let’s face it:

A hunt is only as good as the quality of its prizes.

As organizers we have an obligation to act in the best interest of the hunt, the hunters, and the merchants who work very hard to make the Twisted Hunt the awesome and popular event that it is. A merchant who just throws a pair of pants or a logo t-shirt in the prize box diminishes the event for all involved. So, we’ve decided to be clearer about the quality of prize we expect.

Your Twisted prize must be:

  • New.

    No one wants to spend half an hour hunting for something they already bought from you. A new version of an item you sell is fine so long as it isn't already for sale!

  • Of comparable value to the items in your store.

    We don’t expect you to give away the farm – but if you have a store full of fantastic outfits, don’t plan on giving a pair of sunglasses as a gift.

  • Representative of your body of work.

    If you have a shoe store, your prize should be footwear — not a gazebo.

Your prize does not, however, have to conform to the color or even the theme of the hunt. It’s nice if it does, but it’s not a requirement. We just think it’s fun to have themes. If you think it’s fun too – feel free to make your hunt gift themed. Or to make the extra fun at your location (if you’re having some) work with the theme. Or whatever. But if it doesn’t work for you, then don’t feel like you have to. Ultimately, your gift will still be Twisted – and that’s all the theme it really needs. =)

Little Extras

Many of the merchants make ‘little extra gifts’ — and just to be clear, we want to say that these DO NOT have to adhere to the criteria above. If you want to make a cool pair of sunglasses or a gazebo in addition to your ‘main’ prize, that’s just fine. We won’t hold you to every prize you stuff in a Twisted box being as significant as your primary prize.

A Tip for the First Timers

Some of the hunt merchants only make one gift (or, they make one for guys and one for girls, if they’re really cool). Many of the merchants make multiple gifts, however – and every time, some of the new (to the hunt) merchants wish someone had told them sooner. So we’re telling you. :) Gachas which we provide so that hunters know to look for them are hugely popular, side hunts are asked about as people finish hunting the main prizes they will ask who had them and even come back, games of all kinds have been hugely popular with our hunters and made Twisted something unique compared to most other hunts. Our hunters include a lot of long time Twisted fanatics even who love to both shop in our merchants stores and to play all the extra side hunts and games merchants put together for them. We will include an information notecard in the merchant welcome package to help those newer to the hunt who might not have any ideas with some ideas and thoughts on this!

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten