Okay, sort of nothing. There’s a bit of a price...
You must put out Two (2) items in RFL of SL Vendors. These can be single item or multi item vendors. But you MUST have a minimum of two items in RFL of SL vendors.
One item must be new and exclusive, meaning you only sell it at the event until the event ends. You do not sell it in your store or on the Marketplace until AFTER the event is over. The second item can be any item you wish, provided it is your own work, and falls within our merchant guidelines.
We encourage you to have more items in RFL of SL vendors, however that is not required and is compeletely optional.

As stated above you are free to sell your exclusive items at your store AFTER the event ends.. We encourage you to make note of which items in your booth are new and exclusive to the event on the Flickr group, and be sure to send them to our blogger team so you will gain more exposure.


Twisted Events will be providing the Relay for Life of SL vendors. We will also assist anyone needing help to set them up.
The vendors are not difficult to set up, and you have a choice of single or multi item vendors on the RFL website.
Apart from the Relay for Life of SL vendors, which are necessary to the charity involved, no other networked vendors will be allowed at the event. This is because all networked vendors have a script time (we really want to be as low lag as possible), and all of them use HTTP call outs, which means they can eat up a lot of sim resources. So as much as you adore your networked vendor systems, we simply cannot allow them.
We realize not all vendor systems are created equal, but it’s also a fairness issue. If we allow your favorite system, we need to allow all of them. It’s entirely possible we may loosen up on this rule a bit, but for now, no networked vendors. No, no, and no. Full Stop. Period. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Pose and Animation Merchants

We understand how important is is for merchants selling poses and animations to have NON NETWORKED scripted pose stands for folks to demo and try out poses and animations prior to purchase. We will allow NON NETWORKED low script time pose stand vendors for pose and animation merchants ONLY.

Furniture And Animated Object Merchants

We understand the need for merchants creating furniture and other items with animations to have demos of your products rezzed so people can try them out. This is a similar issue as outlined above for Poses and Animations merchants. Secrets of Gaia is a moderate sim, so please bear that in mind for anything you sell at a Twisted Event. This means NO ADULT poses/animations. We love your naughty furniture and widgets. We really do. But we also love having our sim free of marauding Lindens, who might get twitchy and ban us for having naughty things in places they shouldn't be. With that in mind, if you have a version of a thing that doesn't include the Adult animations, we prefer you put that out in your booth instead. Feel free to include the Adult version on your vendor and sell it that way. Just no visible naughtiness for display models in your booth.


We will provide both our usual Twisted Gachas, and a RFL of SL Gotya. These are the only allowed gacha scripts for this event. You will be allowed to use either of these at your discretion. Gachas will count as part of your prim allotment, which will be 100 prims per merchant.

Vendor/Ad Posters

We realize that this is likely to stir up some controversy in the group, but we have to insist on No Nudity in your vendor ads. This is because we have chosen to work with Relay for Life in this event, and the charity organization is family-oriented, and this is one of their requests.
This does not mean you cannot sell things that are Adult in nature. You certainly can. But please cover up the naughty bits in some way. This is out of respect for the rules of Relay for Life. As many of our merchants already support the organization, this is a small sacrifice to make for a good cause.


We have some exciting new things planned, including an event raffle.

This is optional, but we encourage our merchants to send an item for the mega raffle package. Raffle ticket sales will benefit the Relay for Life of SL, and all details on donating will be provided in the merchant welcome package. The raffle will take place during the run of the event, and the winner will be chosen and announced at the end of the event. Raffle boards will be placed around the event for everyone’s convenience.
Merchants providing items (either a product or a gift card) also need to provide a full perm texture that we can put on the raffle board, showing the prizes in the package. Details on the raffle and other event happenings, will be sent to merchants once they are accepted to the event.

Mini Hunt

Ask, and ye shall receive. There will be a Yes, psychedelic twisted cube, and a mini twisted hunt, complete with NO HINTS at the event. The hunt is OPTIONAL. You are not required to make a prize for the hunt, but we encourage all merchants to participate. We do ask that anyone choosing to make a hunt item notify us, according to the note card included in the merchant package.
We do have rules that are generally the same as Twisted Hunt: no embedding the item completely inside another prim, and no resizing/recoloring of the hunt cube. Unlike Twisted, the hunt cubes can be hidden ANYWHERE on the event platform. As such, we’ve totally blown off the 30 Meter rule, however, we will ask that you do not put them more than 30 meters above the platform. We also ask that you don’t stick them in the ground, or fully enclose the cube in any way.


Because we are loosening up the scripts rule, we are asking you to be careful with the scripts we do allow. PLEASE be aware of script times, as these can cause gnarly lag. Rule of Thumb: use scripts sparingly.
We all love sparkling shiny things. Really. We do. And it’s a great way to grab attention. But -- scripts can be overused and add to lag. Plus sparkly things can be a huge distraction. We will allow some scripted items on a case by case basis. If an item becomes an issue, using too many sim resources, we will ask the merchant to remove it. If it’s a real issue, or if it is extremely bad we may just return it outright. Any script running over 1ms will not be allowed. Period.

One last note on all this scripty stuff!

We are listening to the feedback and requests from last event. We are easing on rules where we can. We only ask that everyone be careful with these things. We will evaluate how this goes and take things from there. However, if after allowing certain scripts that ultimately don’t work out very well for the sim or the event, we will need to back up and reevaluate the use of said scripts for later events. As we move forward with our new events schedule, we hope to accommodate more merchant requests for things like scripted and/or networked items, and other animals.
The best scenario is for everyone to be aware and considerate of others in the event, and to be flexible with any changes we make to the rules or the events. The reason so many people can’t have nice things is due to those bad apples who push the limits, don’t read directions, and can’t play well with others.


You can’t please everyone 100% of the time. We understand this and embrace it. With that in mind, we do our best to accommodate requests, and take all suggestions and feedback seriously. We work hard behind the scenes to make things run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible for the end user. We know there’s always room for improvement, so we will ask for feedback from merchants and customers in the group at the end of the event.
This is so we can find ways to better serve you. We’ll take the hissing and purring, alike, so don’t be afraid to lavish us with compliments, as well as complaints. Just be aware that if you complain, you should be willing to suggest a solution. All feedback, good and bad, is taken into consideration for the next event. Ultimately, these events are for YOU and not US, and it’s important that all events are successful and awesome.
We have taken many of your suggestions and incorporated them into the Summer event, so we are listening to you, because there is always room for improvement!


The Twisted Team

Rox Arten, Sredni Eel, Lokii Violet

Twisted Organizers: Rox Arten, Lokii Violet, and Sredni Eel

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to us in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten