• ~ Have a store with at least 25 items. To be really clear on what we mean by this please know that a single outfit or other item in 10 colors will count as 1 item not 10, the same mesh shirt for example done in a way that makes it uniquely different however, will be counted in it’s color variations separately. Same holds true for all types of items not just clothing. If you are close to enough items we may make a one time exception if we strongly believe you have high quality items and fit the market, but that one time exception will not be repeated and you will be expected to have enough items before the next hunt or event!

  • ~ Have a store with the landing point no more than 15 meters from the front door if not inside the store. This means if your store is in a mall with a forced landing point and you cannot have hunters land within 15 meters of the door we cannot accept you for the hunt, double check this with a friend or alt who is not in the land group if the mall uses a land group and you do not have a cut off parcel or landing point for your location.

  • ~ Are not primarily resellers of other people’s stuff or breedables. (A few are fine however, the majority of your items must be your own creations, that said while we are not accepting stores who primarily sell other people’s products or breedables, the use of purchased sculpties and meshes is fine, provided they are not ripped content)

  • ~ NO Clubs, period!

  • ~Do not market directly to SL kids. A few of our merchants have a small number of items for SL kids, we are not saying you can't make anything for this market, just that you cannot be a store that is primarily marketing to this market. This is a fairly adult rated hunt, our group is mature rated and we are not marketing the hunt to SL kids and won't accept stores who are primarily marketing to them!

  • ~ Be willing to display the hunt poster in at least one store location (we provide several options including low prim versions however they are usually at least 2 prims)

  • ~ Be willing to give away at least one ORIGINAL item as a hunt prize that is comparable in value to the average items sold in your store.

  • ~ Will be participating in a maximum of 4 Hunts or large sale events (weekly sales are not included) that start between August 15th and September 8th including Twisted Hunt. While we understand that some merchants are able to do more than that without the quality of the items they are putting out as gifts suffering, we had to set a number as we've historically seen that the handful of merchants who over commit to hunts and events end up putting out lower quality prizes which is both bad for the hunt and bad for the merchant.

  • ~ Do not sell items that infringe on IP/Trademark/Copyrights this includes art just downloaded from the Internet, ripped mesh pulled from games (even if you purchased it from someone else in world), use of images such as cartoon, television, movie, or game characters and so forth. The organizers will reject applications for stores where any such products are seen, and if we missed them and they are found during the hunt and we can verify the source we reserve the right to remove you from the hunt. (This means if you have an art store with images just downloaded from Internet sites and are not your own original art pieces we will not accept you and also if you are making shirts with images on them also pulled from the Internet, we are going to say no to your application)

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten