We will maintain mostly the same basic criteria for the sale events that we have for the hunts, with a few notable exceptions where a requirement is not necessary in these type of sale events.

  1. Have a store with at least 25 unique items. (A single outfit or other item in 10 colors will count as 1 item not 10, however, for example a mesh shirt done in a way that makes it uniquely different will be counted in its unique variations separately!) The same holds true for all types of items not just clothing. NOTE: Only for sale events, a marketplace link can be provided instead of the slurl if you do not have an inworld store.

  2. Are not primarily resellers of other people’s stuff or breedables. We would make an exception when the merchant selling breedables is the actual creator of those breedables provided they are willing to do an item that can be bought that fits the requirements for the sale item. Note: a few affiliate vendors or some reselling of gachas or breedables in your store is fine, but you must have the minimum number of products of your own to qualify.

  3. NO Clubs, Malls, or other non-store businesses period! While we can appreciate that such venues also would love to spread the holiday cheer, the purpose of the event is to provide low priced gift items, and our smaller cap on stores prevents us from including non-merchant booths. We would be happy to have you display a sign for us however, we cannot feasibly include you in the event.

  4. Do not market directly to SL kids. The group is Mature rated and the hunts and events have many stores that are very adult in nature, thus we are not marketing the hunt to SL kids and won't accept stores who are primarily marketing to them!

  5. Be willing to display the event poster in at least one store location (we provide several options and all are low prim (LI is usually around 2 to 5). You are also more than welcome to put it in more than one location, as that only helps spread the word further about the event.

  6. Do not sell items that infringe on IP/Trademark/Copyrights. We highly suggest you take a look at the Infringement page to understand what this means!


  1. You must make a new item of comparable value to the merchandise in your store, you must make it transferable, and you must sell it for 100L. You can make as many as you like - but you MUST make at least one. The Krissmuss item can NOT be something that has been sold or given away before! This is important. No one wants to buy a gift for someone to find out they already had it later! It also MUST be priced at no more and no less than L$100. This is important, the specially marked sale items can NOT be priced other than required!

  2. Your special sale item must be finished and out for sale by noon, November, 31st, 2017. Rezzing will be off after this time. Anyone who has not set up at least the required sale item at this time will be removed from the event. Take note, this is 48 hours prior to the open of the event. This allows us time to make any adjustments if needed by removing booths that would otherwise be empty and replacing them with decorations as well as provide time for the bloggers approved for the event to gain early access to take photos without crowds around.

  3. All items must remain within your booth. We will make the event area festive and you are welcome to use some of your prims to decorate your booth as well. That said, to maintain the ability for shoppers to move around freely, all your prims must be within the provided space, not outside it. The one exception to this is the gachas that will go in a separate area all together!

  4. When accepted to the event, you MUST provide a Full Permission copy of your logo as instructed in your welcome package, any merchant who does not provide a logo by midnight, November, 30th, 2017 will be removed from the event! The logo is required to put on the sign for your booth and the locator signs that we place near the landing area. For long time merchants, who believe we have your logo already and who have not made changes to it, you are welcome to IM Rox Arten to have it pulled from the backups from prior events.

  5. You must remain within the allotted prim allowance for the event. Each merchant booth is allowed no more than 50 prims/LI not including gachas. You are also allowed up to 2 gachas in the gacha area provided.

  6. You must follow any other rules of participation as they are published. We don't make up rules for fun - but sometimes, we discover problems along the way and must work quickly to solve them. We'll need you to work quickly with us. We won't change the target mid-stream, if something comes up that must change it will be prior to set up. We will only use this option if we have no choice and must make an adjustment that cannot wait until the next event! However, everyone will be notified via our mailer of any important information. The mailer we use sends things ONLY if you are online.

Scripted items in booths:

(Other than vendors and gachas)

  1. You may have 1 group joiner and/or 1 subscriber (if desired you may put one of each out)

  2. 1 landmark/notecard/gift giving scripted item (any combination of given items can be done in one script, we highly recommend you use a script that gives all these items together in a folder to keep them together in the recipient’s inventory and will include one in our merchant packages).

  3. Rezzed demo versions are allowed, but should not include adult animations to avoid any issues with newbies not understanding the sale isn’t a free sex area since region is Mature rated, and public sex would leave us open to complaints to LL. Nudity is fine, the event is on a Mature rated region and we never market to SL kids so we will not limit.

  4. Decorative items are welcome to have scripts in them, however, please keep scripting as low lag and reasonable as you can. We will put a great deal of time and effort into setting up and decorating the event area so if you don’t wish to add decorative items you don’t have too.

  5. NO Temp Rezzers!

NOTE: We hope to strike a balance between functional and fun allowing the scripts for you to have demo versions and some decorations while also keeping lag as low as we can. We have an amazing group of merchants and this freedom worked well and did not end up with issues during the last 3 sale events. There will be more specific guidelines in the merchant packs, that should help with determining what is high script time and what is not, however, we reserve the right to ask you to remove or return anything that is causing an issue on the sim or is running with a higher script time than we indicate in the setup package.

Vendors and Gachas:

NOTE: First allowing scripted vendors is new and we’re going to give it a try. We will evaluate carefully how this adjustment affects the region and the event. We’ve seen many events allowing for specialized event scripts from networked vendors and while we are aware that not all networked vendor systems have this option it is something that for those who use systems that are not huge lag producers and will not cripple HTTP calls on the region we would like to attempt to allow for.

  1. Networked Vendors. If your networked system does not have a special event script, it will not be allowed.

  2. Non-Networked Scripted vendors will be allowed as well provided that they are not region resource hogs.

  3. We will include a lot more detail on vendors and what is alright as well as how to get a system not listed in the information specifically checked for resource use to be approved or not.

  4. NO Holo Vendors!

  5. Gachas will be provided, these are optional no one is required to do them but many merchants like them. If you wish to use a gacha for this event, it MUST be the provided ones only. Do not replace the scripts with other scripting or add additional scripts to them. We have years of history with these scripts, they stand up to lag and issues very well and are kept up to date with the changes in SL.

  6. Gachas will be placed in a special Gacha Market area, we will provide an easy way for you to align your gachas to all the others, and you may place a fatpack for the gacha with it if you desire as indicated in the setup instructions.


  1. A sign you must put out at least at your main store.

  2. Listed on the event website, which will include your provided store slurl.

  3. A booth, and use of 50 prims to put out your Twisted Krissmuss item(s), as well as other items you wish to add to the holiday sale. (We ask simply that you comply with the rules and requirements, including being set up on time to keep the booth.)

  4. A gacha, you may place up to 2 of these in the gacha area and they will NOT count against your 50 prim limit.

  5. Approximately 1 week to set up from the time the event area is open to you to the time of the event deadline.

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten