Summer Update

I have canceled Summer for this year, after 3 years of RL hell for many of us (my team has not been immune to this) and life being crazy this spring for me (including travel plans that hanged at the last minute) I am sorry but right now I need a break so that I can catch my breath and breath. I am going to be opening apps for Fall in June so stay tuned for that. I hope everyone can be understanding that sometimes it's better to say you need a break than to contunue to be crushed under the weight of too much going on. I expect to have an amazing fall ahead... have an amazing summer everyone! <3 Rox

Coming in September 2022!

14th Annual Twisted Fall Hunt

Theme: Anathema

Color: TBD

Dates: September 1-30, 2022

The meaning if you don't know the word is "a prayer that harm will come to someone" This is our dark theme of the year, spin it how you will have fun! There are lots of directions you can take this one!

Coming in December 2022!

14th Annual Twisted Krissmuss Gift Sale Event

Theme: No theme, event area will be tropical holiday but it's a sale for holiday gifts!

Dates: December 13-30, 2022

Just a warning I will be building a tropical holiday style event area again (we are alternating between snow and sand)!

Coming in 2023!

15th Year of Twisted Hunts & Events!

Themes: Announced at New Year's Eve Party 2022!

Colors: TBD

Dates: March, June, September, & December 2023

Yes, we are this predictable, mark your calander, block out time, Twisted is predictable only in the schedule, otherwise, no telling what themes we will come up with to play with during out 15th year of running hunts & events!

Twisted Organizer & Webmaster: Rox Arten

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to me in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.