• ~ Have a store with at least 25 unique items(Outfits in 10 colors will count as 1 item not 10)

  • ~ Have a store with the landing point no more then 15 meters from the front door if not inside the store. (This means if your store is in a mall with a forced landing point and you can not have hunters land within 15 meters of the door we can not accept you for the hunt)

  • ~ Are not primarily resellers of other people’s stuff or breedables. (A few are fine however, the majority of your items must be your own creations, that said while we are not accepting stores who primarily sell other people’s products or breedables, the use of purchased sculpties and meshes is fine, provided they are not ripped content) PLEASE NOTE: When we say breedables this is only meaning resellers, we are happy to accept the actual breedable creators if they are willing to provide a gift for our hunters! This also includes stores that sell art taken from the internet or dancers and/or gestures that use copyrighted music clips from RL.

  • ~ NO Clubs, Malls, Markets, or other non merchants period!

  • ~Do not market directly to SL kids.

  • ~ Be willing to display the hunt poster in at least one store location (These range from 1 to 3 LI)

  • ~ Be willing to give away at least one ORIGINAL item as a hunt prize that is comparable in value to the average items sold in your store.

  • ~ Have items that are on par with current standards. Clothing and furniture items should have shading not just an old texture slapped on the mesh in world. Also your ad images should display the product information not just be a snapshot taken in world.

Twisted Organizer & Webmaster: Rox Arten

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to me in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.