About Hints

First let's get this out of the way up front... there is NO hint list, no published hint page, and no requirement for our merchants to provide a hint at their location! That said, there are hints available so keep reading if you are new to twisted because we do things a bit differently then most hunts in SL.

Remember hunters... Land... Rez... HUNT.... Hunt some more... Pull your hair out... Go mad.... sit in the corner crying and rocking.... THEN ask for a hint. (Its called a 'hunt' for a reason)

A couple of tips to help you get hints faster...

  • Ask for the hint by store number and name.

  • The reason we say use both is if you give just a number and it's not the right one for the store you are in we will give you a clue that won't help you. If you give just the store name it can be very hard to locate in the list. Name and Number means we can more easily clarify with you which is right and you get the hint much faster!

  • Let the store rez in and look around before asking for a hint.

  • If you are asking for a hint without having looked around you haven't hunted, and this IS after all a hunt. Staff and the other hunters that help give hints have better things to do then to give you a hint for every location without you having even looked around you. Those that ask for hint after hint minutes apart soon find that those giving hints pay less attention to them and more attention to the other tasks they may need to get done (building, hunting themselves, or checking locations among other things).

  • Be patient.

  • The hunt group chat does sometimes get laggy, especially when the hunt is in full swing. It's even sometimes boken. Also hint givers are either other hunters or staff, other hunters may be hunting and not see the request right away, and staff has a lot of other things to take care of and may be doing just that, to keep things going smoothly or have stepped away from the keyboard for a few minutes. If you don't get a response in a couple of minutes feel free to post again, but please remember that no one is being paid to sit there and watch for hint requests they are all doing it out of the kindness of their hearts!

  • Be polite.

  • Rudeness won't get you anywhere! This is an awesome community that's pretty cool about trying to help hunters out, but trust us, people that come into group acting like they are owed a hint and being rude quickly find that rudeness really isn't the way to go!

As the hunt starts...

So no we don't require our merchants to provide a hint, we do encourage it, and we are grateful to those who do but we have a wonderful staff who works very hard to gather and make hints for the rest of the locations. That said, the first few hours of the hunt, we can't tell you for sure most locations if they are out, within range, or what the hint is in most cases. Our staff is working hard right alongside all the hunters to check locations and make hints. IF you need a hint for a location in the first couple of days please understand that if we haven't gotten to check that location off yet and they did not provide a hint, we likely won't have one for you.

Where am I going to get the hints...

Because we're twisted and evil we like to make you all be social with your fellow hunters and freaks. That's right, hints can be found in the twisted hunt group in world. Just ask for the hint and if we've got one you will get it. That said, please keep in mind that there isn't always someone with a hint to give it to you. Hint givers do not have to be staff. Actually that is one of the coolest things about Twisted, many hunters keep track of hints that are given in the group and help out when staff is busy and unable to reply.

The hint I got just isn't right...

It is possible that the hint is wrong, boxes move often, which is why we don't have a published hint page (it would just be prohibitively time consuming to try and keep up to date). It's also possible that you are not thinking about the hint the correct way. Often we hear "the hint for this location just isn't right" but when staff goes out to check it out they find it is still in the same location. Try looking at the hint in a different way, they can be very literal or they may be more like a riddle for you to solve. Google can be your best friend if you don't understand a hint. Also keep in mind, due to the nature of SL, sometimes a clue that seems wrong to you could be just a matter of misunderstanding it because of cultural differences.

Don't discuss the meaning of a hint or the location of a box in chat...

First of all, this really tends to piss off merchants, and just in case you didn't realize it, unlike many other hunts Twisted merchants are part of the Twisted hunt group. Doing this is a great way to find yourself banned from not just the location your talking about but also others because our merchants do talk to each other and really don't like it when someone thinks they can spoil the fun of others and give away the location of the prize. Yes discussing the meaning of hints falls into this category. Why? Because often that mussing over what a hint means can actually end up even without knowing giving the location of a cube! So please, just don't do it!


Merchants are in the group with the hunters, some lurk in the shadows preferring not to chat while others are very active in the conversations. This group is more then just a place for hints, it's a community year round and so there is conversation between hints. This is just part of the unique nature of the Twisted Hunt Group!

We have a sense of humor, we joke around. If you ask for a better hint or another hint for a location you are likely to see a list of "better hints". They are all actually quite accurate, and come across as snarky but they are all in good fun. The point of it is, we have one hint for each location once we gather them, that's it, we aren't withholding information waiting for you to ask for more we give you the hint we have and usually that's all we know about the location because the boxes do move so often.

…and last, but not least

Remember this is a community and mutual respect is expected.

Play nice, be respectful, and this hunt while hard and a real challenge will be amazing fun, and who knows you just might meet some very cool new friends along the way, it wouldn't be the first time.

Twisted Organizer & Webmaster: Rox Arten

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to me in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.