The fee we might otherwise charge is being waived. While we may choose to change that at a future date and charge fees for the sale event booths. Right now, think of it as Rox's holiday gift to you. If/when we choose to charge a fee it will be minimal, and designed to cover the expenses of the event not make money off of our merchants.

Okay, sort of nothing. See, the price of entry is this:
You must make at least one item of equal value to your average merchandise.
Your item must be NEW, it must be transferable, and it must cost L$100.
Now – ‘equal value to your average merchandise’ is important here. If you are a maker of big frilly party dresses that usually sell for L$800… then you need to make a big frilly party dress… and sell it for L$100. If you make outfits that usually cost around L$450, then you need to make an outfit that you would normally sell for L$450… and sell it for L$100. Why? Because then people can afford to buy it as a gift. That’s also why it must be transferable. And why it must be new (because then it’s a safe bet that the person you’re buying it for doesn’t already have it).

After the shopping event is over, you can change the perms on your outfit if you prefer, and you can change the price if you like. This isn’t really about making an item you could only possibly get by going to the event. It’s about making it possible for people to shop for the holidays.

Item Pricing

Items in Special Twisted Krissmuss boards MUST be L$100!
Nothing more!
Nothing less!

If you have items for more or less then L$100 you wish to sell for the holiday you can certainly set those up around the kiosk in your booth as well but all Twisted Krissmuss items should be L$100 as per the rules! All other items are up to your discretion. Some may fill the booth with all sale items, that is fine, others may choose to use the prims alloted them to do just one special item and then add other items from thier store for the sale, this is also fine! The special items will need to be marked as indicated in the merchant setup package, and every booth will be checked to ensure they have at least 1 item that is new, transferable, and priced at L$100 marked with the special marker!

Items in Gachas can be ANY price you wish them to be, those are extras and optional. Gachas will be placed in a specific Gacha area and each merchant will be allowed up to 2 gachas. If by the last day of setup we don't have the area filled well enough a notecard will be sent to all merchants allowing them to add additional gachas to fill the space provided on a first come first serve basis.


Items in Krissmuss Marked Vendors MUST be transferrable. These items are intended as giftable sale items.

All other items at the sale can have whatever permissions you prefer BUT as the sale will be billed as a transferable item sale with items for gifting we STRONGLY encourage you to be sure to make the permissions of items clearly visible on the posters especially if you choose to put any items out for sale that are not transferable!
Because it will save you, us, and the people shopping a lot of headaches and complaining to do so. While no not everyone really reads and pays attention. Having clear indication of permissions of the item on the poster is a simple and effective way to do the best you can to help ensure customers looking for transferable items to gift don’t buy an item they can’t give rather than having them guess. Newer residents may not fully realize they can check the permissions given in the buy window, and even longtime residents don’t always stop to check them. While this won’t stop everyone from buying items then complaining about “wrong permissions” it does also give you the ability to tell them the permissions were on the vendor image.

Can you use “gift delivery options” such as transferable scripted delivery boxes/cards that deliver non-transferable gifts once rezzed/clicked for the item in the Krissmuss Kiosk?

This has been asked by several people, and our answer is going to be yes, BUT, we prefer that you try to be creative and find a solution that does not give them just a gift card type object. ALSO, if you choose to do this you MUST clearly mark on the vendor that the item is delivered this way somehow and final product is nontransferable. We say this for a few reasons. Most importantly, because we are telling people the sale items are transferable, which means they can give them as a gift, these options still allow for that however, the final item then is not transferable which we feel that the customer has the right to know. A notecard with guidelines and suggestions if you do feel the need to use this option will be included in your merchant packages with both requirements for those that choose to use this type of option and suggestions.

Please note, these are just basic answers, the majority of our merchant information, instructions and answers are provided in the merchant welcome and/or setup packages!

Twisted Organizer & Webmaster: Rox Arten

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to me in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.