There’s a great bunch of merchants in the Twisted Hunt, but – sometimes there are problems. Sometimes boxes disappear while someone is offline for a vacation. Sometimes someone changes a landing point after we check it. Sometimes people don’t pay attention the way they should. If you encounter a problem – here’s what you should do, to help yourself and everyone else on the hunt!

Please – do not use this if you’re just having a hard time finding a box! Hunting is part of the fun – and you can always ask for help in the Twisted Hunt group if you have to. ;) This is for real problems – like the box is gone, or you’ve been forced to TP somewhere other than where the LM says you should.

Please – do not contact the merchant – if there is a true problem we will approach them on behalf of the hunt.

If you think you have discovered a problem, here’s what to do:

  • Create a new notecard.
  • Name it: Twisted Hunt Problem – Your Name
  • In the notecard put:
    • Your Name: (again)
    • The SLurl where you are having the problem.
    • The name of the store you are having a problem with.
    • Describe the problem to the best of your ability.
      (Just saying, “I went to the wrong place” doesn’t really help us troubleshoot.)
  • Send the notecard to  Samantha Zwickel or Rox Arten. We’re almost always logged in, but not always at the computer – so we may not get your notecard right away. We’ll get it when we come back though!

We’ll take care of the trouble as quickly as we can. Thanks for helping out!