Just when you thought it was safe…

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…another package of goodies found its way into my hands overnight.  This is really cool – De Baza has Twisted Lament horns in both normal and petite sizes.  The horns have the lament box textures in each of the 11 Twisted hunt colors.  Be sure to check them out!


De Baza

This Magic Moment…

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Ok, all you Twisted folk, its time for me to say goodbye until the next hunt.  We’ve come to the end of the goodie bag and this post will finish up the Twisted Hunt: Magick prizes/gachas/stuff we have to blog.  Should any more gifts fall into our hot little hands, we’ll be sure to update with pictures. (Merchants – I am 99.9% sure we showed everything you sent us; if we missed you, please let me know!)

The Twisted Hunt will continue its run until March 31st, so you still have plenty of time to work through all 104 amazing shops and indulge in all the side games and extras you cube-loving little hearts could desire.   The merchants have done an absolutely outstanding job, both with keeping to theme and providing gorgeous store settings and specials for this round of Twisted, so take your time and enjoy everything there is to see and do before it all vanishes at the end of the month.

We’ll see you next hunt!


Dark Water Designs

Gothic Desires


Rotten Toe

The Attic


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Salutations Twisties!  The weekend is here, the hunt is in full swing, and the hunters are lined up for the slaughter!  Okay, maybe not slaughter exactly, but there will be blood, sweat and tears expended in this oh-so-addictive hunt for those elusive spinning cubes.  Rumor has it that there has been a shakeup in several stores, with the cube locations being moved.  Normal for a hunt? Sure.  However, as with most things Twisted, each successive hiding place tends to be more difficult than the one before it.  If you are new to the hunt, remember to check in with the group chat if/when you need the latest hint in a particularly tough spot.  They may not always have one to give, but they will cheerfully collect the aforementioned blood and tears to feed the next crop of baby cubes.

We’ve got  another batch of goodies to show off that are just waiting to be found on the Twisted Hunt.  Some of these items are main prizes, some are from the End Game, and some are gachas.   All of them are amazing and worth every bit of effort to find them.

Happy Hunting!


Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches


Kinzart Productions

After Shok

Avatar Bizarre

Beyond the Dark

Beyond the Dark

Dekute Dekor

Dekute Dekor

Del's Odd Shop

Distorted Dreams

Elephante Poses

Twisted’s Spell

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As many of you veteran Twisties know, finding those elusive little cubes is never an easy task.  However, in the spirit of the current Twisted Hunt theme, we have come up with a new method you might want to try out:  The Twisted Spell to Summon the Cubes.  Its extremely simple to use.  Just stand within 30m of the landing point at whichever store is giving you a problem, raise your arms high, close your eyes and chant the spell aloud.

“Cubes who dwell in slivers of night,
Uncloak yourself to hunter’s sight.

Mystical forces black and white
Reaching out through Twisted flight,
be they far or be they near
Bring us the magical cubes here.

A perfect cube we summon now,
Another way we don’t know how.
Bring the cube into the light
That we may hunt another night.”***

When the spell is completed, open your eyes, take a deep breath, and go back to camming every nook and cranny you can find, using the most awkward camera angles and dizzying pans possible, along with any obligatory teeth gnashing or hair pulling necessary for you to find the cube.

If all of the above fails, bolster your hunting spirit by taking a look at today’s group of gifts just waiting to be found.




***Spell bastardized from several excerpts of the “Book of Shadows”, ala Charmed.   What, you expected real magic?  =P







Shoenique/Unique Designs



Sweetest Revolutions

The Little Bat

The Strawberry Box

Can I play with madness?

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It starts off simply enough.  You hunt a few stores and taste the thrill of finding a few cubes.  You check out a gacha or two.  You wander through a side game and discover more prizes. Next thing you know,  you’ve been online for close to 24 hours, you are subsisting on coffee and whatever food you can eat without leaving the computer, and you are convinced you are thisclose to finding the next cube.  When you do sleep, you dream in eggplant, with random cubes haunting your thoughts.  It becomes a marathon, a test of wills – you versus the cubes.  When you finally…FINALLY…reach the End Game, and its all over…you feel empty.  Lost.  Counting the months to the next hunt.  The insidious magic of the cubes has infected you.

Fortunately, you still have 3 weeks left of the current Twisted Hunt to satisfy that itch for spinning devilish cubes.  We’ve got another peek at some of what you can find in this year’s Magic-themed hunt – remember, though, for every gift we show, there is still a LOT out there just waiting to be discovered.

Happy Hunting!



Hearth & Home

Howling Asylum

Howling Asylum

irrISIStible Shop

Kita's Sideshow

Lilith's Den

Love Zombie

Lugoi Devotion

Michigan's Shack

Never Totally Dead



Season of the Cube

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We’ve almost reached the end of the first week of the Twisted Hunt and we still have tons and tons of gifts and prizes to show off!  The majority of our blog pics this time around are of the main store prizes, so remember to hit those easels when you see them to get notecards with information about any side games, mini hunts, gachas or other special store events that might be going on.  Also, when you make it to the End Game, don’t forget that there are a few more gifts waiting by the Survivor sign, as well as more gacha machines.  It really pays to take your time on this hunt and explore the stores and sims you get to visit:  not only are there a lot of interactive things going on, but these merchants have done a gorgeous job of decorating their stores for the Magic theme.

Happy Hunting!


Yellow Jester

Venomous Rage Designs

Venomous Rage Designs

Zoe's Garden

Zwicked Textures



Carrie's Lingerie





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Sorry, Twisties – my titles are getting lamer by the post!

The hunt, however, is anything but lame.  Twisted Hunt: Magic is in full swing across Second Life right now and if you aren’t hunting, you should be.  I’ve visited almost every single store on the hunt path by now and there are some seriously cool things out there for you to discover.  I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, mainly because…well…if I were you, I’d rather see the prize pictures than listen to someone babble.   Go.  Find the cubes.  Leave bits of your sanity.  Have fun!





Sugel Co.

Tool Shed

Treasured Cove Sculpties


Vintage Jewels

Whims & Wishes

Witches & Rats

Xtreme Designs

Magical Mystical Tour

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Some of the hunters and staff were talking in chat during the wee hours last night and it occurred to me that there are some aspects of the Twisted Hunt that not everyone knows about and which might be fun to share.  For instance…after you find the hidden cube at MV, be sure to take a peek under the floor.  Lokii  frequently leaves messages spelled out in cubes for the hunters who try derendering or wireframing in an attempt to find the prize.  The messages vary, but are always good for a laugh.  Also, have you heard about rage quits? Those people who get so frustrated/angry/bitchy about the hunt that they throw a fit and quit the whole thing? Curiously enough, the first reported rage quits for this round of the hunt also happened to occur at Lokii’s store, MV.  Coincidence?

Another tradition on the hunt are the kobolds at The Dark Fae.  Each hunt has a differently themed little guy as a hunt extra and they are all adorable.  Avatar Bizarre is another traditional hunt stop for cute shoulder pet type critters – this time around, Sredni has some absolutely stunning dragons.

The End Game is another spot for an oft-indulged, but not often mentioned hunt tradition – getting your photo taken in front of the Survivor sign.  Those lovely survivor tags are only good until the next hunt, but that picture will last you forever.

We forget sometimes in the rush to make it through each store’s particular brand of torture, that this hunt is FUN.  There are more things to do, places to explore and chances to socialize and make new friends on the Twisted Hunt path than in any other hunt in SL.   And, you will not find any other hunt out there quite as aggravating, teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling, bloody tears, and oh-so-warped-soul-fulfilling as Twisted.

Here’s a look at a few more of the great prizes waiting to be found.

Happy Hunting!



Julia Collection


Lantian Flox


Mirage Arabian Treasure Company

Painfully Divine

Paper Moon

Play Dead


Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered…

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…in all the best ways!

Hello Twisties!

We’re steadily working our way through the incredible amount of gifts and prizes for this round of the Twisted Hunt, and let me tell you, its not an easy task. So many of the items this time around are interactive or have glowy and sparkly bits – the temptation to stop and play is hard to fight off when we should be putting together new posts. We always say that the photos do not do justice to the actual prizes and that is especially true for Twisted’s Magic theme. You will just have to do the hunt yourself to get to see these wonderful items in their full glory!

Happy Hunting,


Almost Wonderland


Clutter for Builders

Distorted Dreams

Dolome Designs


Fi's Creations


Grogo's Gadgets

Dare to come try your luck?

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The Twisted Hunt is underway and it is already living up to it’s reputation as one of the toughest hunts (and most addictive!) in SL.  I’ve been keeping my eye on the group chat and thus far, Xtreme Designs has caused the most gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair.  I will have to admit that I paid the shop a visit, to try my hand at their mini hunt, and thus far have only succeeded in finding 1 of 6 mini hunt prizes. If you happen by the shop and see a woman wandering around muttering to herself, “I know the damned thing is here somewhere!”, chances are good its me.

Just a quick rundown for those who are new to Twisted: We’ve got 104 deliciously depraved stores lined up in a hunt for an eggplant (purple) colored Lamentation cube.  Find the cube, survive the decoys, side games, mini hunts, gachas and special sales, and advance to the next store.  Rinse and repeat until you hit store #104 (Paper Moon).  From the last store, you advance to the End Game.   Make it through the endgame to find yourself a bunch of treasures and earn the coveted Survivor Tags (at least until the next hunt).

Sounds easy, right?  As any veteran Survivor will tell you, appearances can and often are deceiving in this hunt.  This is truly one of SL’s most unique events.  Think you can rise to the challenge?

Happy Hunting,


The Dark Fae

The Dark Fae

The Dark Fae

The Dark Fae

The Dark Fae

Vivid Avs

Dragon Magick Wares

Feyline Fashions


Secrets of Gaia

Top Katz

Xtreme Designs

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