What is Twisted Summer Sale?

A mid-summer sale event. We are using this event to help give something back to the community and we've chosen to support RFL of SL for that goal. The event will have a cap of 60 merchants, will run from June 1st to June 30th, there will be gachas, entertainment, a mini hunt at the event (which is optional for merchants to participate in), and more.

Why a summer event:

Because, it's about time, don't you think? Really, we've heard for years that you just can't get enough of twisted, and want more! Add to it that there is a long break between Spring and Fall that is also a slower period of the year we thought we could add something fun to. So, we've added a summer sale event, it has a theme, that theme will be different every year to keep it fresh and new. We're including the typical gacha options, adding an optional mini hunt with some of the funkiest cubes going, adding in weekly dance parties and even doing something to make the world a better place with the event by adding the RFL of SL vendors and kiosks to the mix.

Did you say funkiest cubes:

YES! So, let's face it, the hunt cubes are typically simple color schemes, though we have had a couple with more dramatic looks such as Carnival and more recently Infinity. While we make no promises that Summer will always be something outrageous, since the cube is designed around the theme. We have set aside the themes in our possible themes list that lend themselves to much more fun cube designs. Starting in 2016 with Psychedelic cubes for the Summer of Love event.

Why we're adding a charity to the mix:

Twisted has become one of the most amazing communities in Second Life over the years since the first hunt! With such a large group, we have noticed our merchants are very active in giving back to the community and because we have noticed that we do have such a large socially conscious group of merchants we wanted to show that we as a group were also!

Why we chose RFL of SL:

There are a LOT of reasons to choose to put our support behind RFL of SL! The simplest is that the group has a very diverse demographic, which could make finding a single charity that could be something that everyone or even most members could support extremely difficult. Cancer is something that does not discriminate, it touches all nationalities, all races, all religions, all segments of the population in some way, it effects so many people that while I won't say everyone (because the minute I do someone will correct me) nearly everyone is affected by it in some way be that as a personal struggle or that of a friend or family member. This lead the organizer team feel it made the most sense.

What to expect:

Merchants will have a required minimum number of RFL vendors they must put out and set to the team for the event (see the Merchant FAQ page for specifics) and additional prims that you can use for other non-charity vendors or decorations! We will have optional raffles, mini hunts, and gachas for our merchants who choose to participate in these extras. Additionally, there will be live DJ events. Past that, because this event is only in its infancy compared to our Krissmuss sale and hunts we are still evolving how best to make this event something special. If you have suggestions on ways we could add fun and interest, feel free to IM Rox Arten or include it on the merchant feedback form that will be sent to merchants with the reminder to pick up items at the end of the event. If it’s something we can reasonably add to our plate for this time around and isn’t going to catch merchants by surprise with a request for other items it’s possible we could add it now, otherwise for example if the idea needs merchants to do something we’ve not forewarned them about we’ll add it to the list of possibilities for next year!

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten