The Suggestions for Merchants!

Now for the suggestions. Yep – they’re just suggestions, not requirements. We think they’re a good idea, or nice, or useful, or helpful – but they’re not crucial to the hunt running smoothly, so it’s entirely your call on these things.

Put in something for guys AND girls.

There are plenty of male AVs who come on hunts (especially this one) – so if you can include something for everyone, please do! Unisex is fine, different prizes for girls or guys is fine too. You are even welcome to make them hunt for the male and female prizes separately if you wish rather than putting them in a single prize cube.

How about some extra fun at your location?

On the first Twisted Hunt, Yellow JesteR made a little ‘hunt within a hunt’. At the landing point hunters found some floating text that told them to click there for a hint. And it gave them a hint that led them to another item they could click for a hint, and so on. It was only a few, before the final hint led to the box – but hunters raved and cheered, and enjoyed it immensely. Since then, many merchants have come up with many creative ideas for additional Twisted fun on the hunt. So, if you can plan a little extra fun at your location, feel free! Some people will be crabby, but most will appreciate the effort. Some ideas include a hint path to lead to your main prize, a side hunt for extra prizes, gachas (we provide unique looking gachas for every theme) which are apparently extremely addictive and people seem to love, or you can even team up with another Twisted merchant to do a side game puzzle together so you share the extra work, and those are just the quick easy ideas.

Feel free to move your hunt box around as often as you like, as long as it’s within 30m of the landing and the other rules.

We do – sometimes ten times a day, if we’re around and feeling evil. People WILL post ‘cheats’ (even though we tell them not to). And personally, we think it’s great fun to watch people teleport in from a link they so clearly got from a cheat blog and stare at where they think the item is supposed to be for 30 minutes, waiting for it to rez. In fact, it pretty much cracks us up. We provide a quick easy form to get us your new hint (you are more than welcome to even use a universal hint that works in many locations in your store, but please just send us the new location. The ONLY people with access to those hint forms and the direct location information you provide are the! We ask you to provide the new location to help us help keep the path verified, inevitably every time you move the cube someone is almost sure to pop into group telling us the cube has gone missing, having the new location helps us verify it’s still there much faster and avoid people in group spreading the rumor that your location is not working. The forms go directly to organizers, are verified as soon as possible and the group is updated with the new hint if applicable which helps reduce the rumors about broken locations! Merchants talk, we have a good track record of being informed or finding these cheat blogs, while we can't stop any of them, we can and do make sure our merchants know if the direct slurl of their item has been seen on a cheat "blog" so that they can move their items if they wish to!

Provide a hint.

Hints aren’t required for the Twisted hunt, but they’re fun! Hunters are instructed to ask for help in the Twisted Hunt group, and the group is encouraged to help each other. The Twisted Hunt group in full swing is a thing of beauty, honest. The fun and frustration everyone experiences has made this one of the strongest hunt communities in SL. The organizers, assistants, and hint givers are more than happy to update the hint for the group as often as you’d like to move your hunt box – we promise! If you would like us to help you make a clever hint we’re happy to do that, too! And look! An online form! Now it’s easier than ever to update your hint with the Twisted folks! Note: Yes, we know many of you have hint givers in your stores – you’re welcome to use them. It would be REALLY appreciated if you’d update us when you change them. While we can always say, “Use the hint giver at the store”, it’s often a big let-down for hunters who have asked the group for help.

Consider making your gift no-transfer.

It never fails; at least once during the hunt, a merchant IMs me in a flap because their prize is no-copy/yes-transfer and someone is standing there taking forty copies of it. Unless you plan to stand around and watch over you prize like a hawk day and night, we suggest making your prize no-transfer. Then, it won’t matter how many copies people take. And, if people want the prize, they must come and get it themselves. Most merchants who are in hunts regularly do this, it avoids those who will abuse a good thing and come take a dozen copies to resell! This suggestion is here to help merchants new to doing hunts understand that while everything you sell may be no copy/yes transfer, putting an item permissioned that way in a hunt prize really is sadly not a good idea because there are always those few bad apples around who will abuse that free gift, get tons of them and then resell them.

Thank the hunt assistants at the end of the hunt.

We intend to shower them with gifts and words of high praise. We’d like you to consider the same. Who are these hunt assistants? They’re hunters (and occasionally merchants) who take it on themselves to help the other hunters. They keep track of the most recent hints for locations, to help hunters in chat. They watch over group chat and keep it all friendly. They note problems hunters have and pass notecards to merchants. And occasionally they actually come to your store and help someone in the virtual flesh. Seriously, they spend almost their whole time logged in serving the hunters, the group, and you. And they do it all for nothing, except the love of the hunt and the Twisted community. And they make our lives better for it. So, lavish thanks is totally not out of order. ;) Not sure who these folks are? Ask Rox she will be tracking who helps and goes out of the way to give hints and help out so that she can make sure they are thanked by us and any merchant wishing to do so as well!

Finally – have fun.

Sure, there will be jerks. And people who behave badly. And even people who are just plan rude, despite the fact we’re all trying to enjoy ourselves. Fuck’em, have fun anyway. The hunt group is always a TON of fun, people make a lot of new friends, and the sense of community is simply awesome. So – screw the people who suck, don’t let them ruin it for you. Decide they don’t matter, and have a blast with us. :) Twisted is an amazing community, and that is wholly the reason that no matter what, come hell or high water, Twisted is our priority to ensure we continue to keep it the best possible hunt we can!

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten