About Side Hunts

One of the quirky charms of Twisted Hunt is the fact that our merchants go above and beyond the call of duty to provide extra fun for the hunters. We encourage our merchants to include side hunts, games, sales, gachas, quests, mazes, and anything else they can think of to make Twisted Hunt more fun, and to offer more swag for folks staggering through stores looking desperately for that spinning cube of evil we all know and love.

However, there are a couple of things worth mentioning:

  1. Side hunts, games, quests, mazes, etc. are all optional. Merchants do not have to do all the extra stuff if they don't want to, and hunters are not obligated to play all the reindeer games you typically find on the way to the End Game.
  2. People helping each other on the hunt (or with side hunts) is NOT cheating. (UNLESS they are giving locations away in local or group chat or posting them on a blog!) Many of our hunters hunt in packs, others have formed some of the most amazing friendships and even a few relationships have started while doing the Twisted hunt, it's part of the amazing beautiful thing Twisted has always been something that makes this more than a hunt, and truly a full blown community!
  3. Twisted Hunt Organizer, Assistant Team and volunteers giving hints and/or checking prize locations, are not responsible for any hunt prizes EXCEPT the main Twisted Hunt prize. We do NOT know or keep track of the locations of the side hunt prizes or anything past the first prize that we require to be within the rules. That said, merchants while able to put other prizes outside the 30m limit, should not put even these extra prizes inside objects fully embeded, or change the cube. If you wish to have a smaller or larger item, different color, or change it in any way for adding prizes to, please follow the guidelines and choose another object instead!

Twisted Hunt has very specific rules for all of its merchants and hunters, which we expect everyone to follow. We assume no responsibility for the contents or difficulty of any merchant's side hunts, games, etc. Twisted Hunt Organizers also have a zero tolerance policy for bullying.

Bearing that in mind, please remember that Twisted Hunt is designed to bring people into your store. It is a discovery tool, which often leads to more sales. If you make things impossible for hunters, they will turn around and leave. Most won't bother to come back. This is why while we are evil, like our hard hunt, and it has done well, we also require the prize be hidden fairly! It's fine if you wish to make things challenging. Heck, that's encouraged with the regular hunt item. BUT, if your side hunt is so ridiculously difficult that it takes days, to complete, then you run the risk of losing potential customers. As such, we also do not appreciate getting a rash of complaints from folks about any store that has a ridiculously difficult side hunt and/or game. To be clear hard is fine, but if your "game" involves locating a .01m invisible prim (or .o1 black cube in a black room) to find, you have gone beyond fun and made it impossible!

One other thing: We expect people not to complain about the quality of the main Twisted prizes and/or stores and merchants. We also expect some level of professionalism with our merchants, and this means the respect goes both ways. We do NOT want to see or hear about any hunter being belittled, bullied, mocked, or called names because they cannot find their way through a side hunt or other game. This is really NOT okay with us. Really, it isn't. If we find someone doing this repeatedly, even after a warning, they will be invited not to apply to the next event.

Our goal for Twisted Hunt is to provide a safe, albeit evil, bit of fun for folks. We love our merchants and we love our hunters. Please be excellent to each other, and though this is the hardest hunt on the grid, your item(s) should not be impossible to find. As far as side hunts, please remember that everyone has a real life they must attend, and not everyone is going to have copious free time to waste if it takes days to get through your side hunt.

The Twisted Organizer Team

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten