Spring Hunt Applications Closed and Summer Theme Announcement


Twisted Spring 2017 Hunt Applications for merchants are now closed. All who applied should have gotten either a merchant welcome package or a notecard that we declined the application if they did not meet our requirements. I will be sending responses to the Sponsor applications today! The application has been removed from the site.

The theme for our Summer sale event, will be Twisted Fairytales, and it will once again be a charity event to benefit RFL!

Applications Still Open for Spring!


For anyone who has not yet applied or knows someone who might want to, we still have a few spots left for the Spring 2017 Twisted hunt. We will leave applications open until these are filled or through the end of the day on 2/15/17 for anyone else who wishes to apply. All applications recieved have been responded to and turn around time should be less then 48 hours for any new applications. Landmarks will be made for hunt cubes approximately February 22nd and Final Merchant setup packs will be sent on the 23rd. Any merchant who moves prior to that PLEASE be sure to notify Rox Arten with a new LM or SLURL to your store, send a notecard if I am offline please, that way I know what the random LM that showed up in my inventory is for! Thank you!



The Twisted team would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the Twisted community, your nominations and votes have lead to our winning an amazing FIVE 2016 Hunties Awards! This could never have been possible without the amazing merchants we have and the enthusiasm of the awesome Twisted hunters! The awards will be put out in HQ as they truly are a community accomplishment! Our congratulations also go out to all of the others who won awards for 2016 and best wishes to all for the new year filled with more awesome hunts! You can go here to see the full list of winners or if you wish to watch the video you can find it here!

Spring 2017 Twisted Hunt Merchant Applications NOW OPEN!


Merchant applications are now open, there are 100 spots in the hunt, and 10 merchants spots available. Please be sure to read the rules and requirements as we've not added new ones but have in several places clarified old ones where we've heard that there was some confusion or heard that something was less than clear. We've also added an infringement clarification page to help those unsure what we mean when we say we have a no tolerance policy for IP infringement understand exactly what we're talking about!

Twisted Krissmuss is NOW OPEN!


Twisted Krissmuss our annual holiday gift sale event is now open to the public. Grab the location from the link in the sidebar and head over. We will have live DJ events announced in the group during the event and there will be a wrap party at the end! Happy Holidays to all of the Twisted family from the Twisted Team!

Merchant set up open for Krissmuss


Merchants now have access to the sim to set up. Please read the information in your set up packs there are two as the final set up pack contains an item that was missed and is required to be used! If you are NOT able to get to the sim check the notecard listing the logos that we did not get, anyone who's logo we did not recieve could not be assigned a booth and was not added to the access list. This does not mean you are not in the event anymore, just that we need your logo to assign you a booth and once we have it we can get you set up! PLEASE send it to Rox Arten in world ASAP. If you believe you sent it it is very possible that SL ate it. The Information notecard in the Setup pack also contains a contact form to allow you to contact Rox if she is offline without risk of IMs being lost. This is for questions and issues, and you can be as specific as needed. A reply should be recieved in lesss then 12 hours. This form is a web link that is NOT publically posted to avoid random spam!

Spring Hunt Theme/Color Announcement!


As promised the early notice continues for our next event. The spring hunt theme will be "Infinity" and the color will be a shade of green.



Thank you all for your patience we've now corrected teh issues with the teleporters in end game, tested and confirmed that all is working correctly, and after letting those who were in chat at the time know we have had our first two survivors already so we are confident that we've gotten all the bugs out of the set up. We hope you enjoy the madness and fun of this hunt's end game!

End Game will be fixed soon.


Due to a teleporter issue that we've had to go in and correct. End game has been closed back down temporarily we expect to have it back open very soon everyone. Please be patient with us, we're sure you all would rather it take slightly longer as we correct the issue that had the teleports breaking rather then let you run around in an end game that is broken and can not be completed. We thank you for your understanding.

Twisted Fall Hunt has Started!


Welcome everyone to the Fall 2016 Twisted Hunt. As the hunt starts we have been notified of a few merchants who have had RL issues and others in the path of a tropical storm that is expected to become a hurricane who will be delayed setting up. Staff will be working through checking all locations as quickly as possible in the next couple of days and making note of any others who may not be working. Notations of temporary skips will be made on the merchant list as soon as possible and updated as quickly as they are set up or new ones are found. Please keep in mind as is the case at the start of any hunt there are going to be issues. We will as always get them found and corrected as quickly as humanly possible, also for those hunting in these early first few hours, please be aware we are also working hard to find cubes and make hints for any that did not submit hints, and there may not be hints for all of the locations or people able to give hints consistently right away while we work to get locations verified and issues taken care of as quickly as possible!

Now you can have your own army of Twisted Cubes for your desk!


With a HUGE thank you to one of our merchants Voidheart Mistwalker who has put together all the past cubes as papercraft patterns all of you can now have your very own RL Twisted Cube armies! The patterns and instructions can be found on his blog here!

Twisted Fall 2016 Applications Closed AND Next Event Announcement!


We have closed the applications for the Fall 2016 Twisted Hunt. For the last couple of applications you should get a reply by the end of 8/17/16! Merchant setup packages will go out to all merchants and sponsors on 8/25/16!

As is our new goal to help those who asked for more time to plan ahead, as we close applications we plan to announce the theme information for the next event. That said, Krissmuss is our next event, and well, there really is no changing theme for this one, as always it will be a holiday sale event. Intended to help people buy nice gifts for family and friends in SL without breaking the bank. The website will be getting a touch of a makeover after the fall hunt and that will be revealed and Krissmuss applications will open mid October. It will as last year be a sale event at a single location, we will decorate it as a holiday village. That said, the items you make for the event do NOT have to be holiday related since they are meant to be gifts!

Fall 2016 Twisted Hunt Sponsors Announced!


We wish to thank all the merchants who applied to be sponsors. We are finalizing the list even though applications are still open because we already have far too many to accept. Those chosen will get Sponsor packs with signs this evening. Those not chosen please know it was a long list and we only have limited number of sponsor spots.

The sponsors for the fall hunt are (in alphabetic order ignoring symbols and special characters):

  • Anachron
  • attitude is an artform
  • Avatar Bizarre
  • Diamante
  • Fallen Gods Inc.
  • Goth1c0
  • Lilith's Den
  • MiChIGaN's ShAcK!
  • :{MV}:
  • Roawenwood
  • Secrets of Gaia
  • Sn@tch
  • ~*Sweet Revolutions*~

2016 Fall Twisted Hunt Applications are NOW OPEN!


We have opened applications for the Fall 2016 Twisted hunt with the theme of Divination! PLEASE NOTE: There is a new rule so be sure to read the merchant rules even if you are a returning merchant. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of us in world!

Twisted Hunts and Events and the Relay Rockers present
Saturday Night @ Summer Of Love with T1Radio


5 - 7 pm It's Satuday Night w/ Madelyn Majestic
7-9 pm Dance with Fuzzball Ortega's Saturday Night Dance Party
All in support of the Relay For Life of Second Life.
Dance, Shop or Hunt at Twisted Summer Of Love!

Fall Theme Announcement!


Ok so, I got a little side tracked with taking care of Summer event stuff and didn't get this up as soon as I expected... but the theme for the Fall twisted hunt will be... .*DRUM ROLL*

Divination! Color is a blueish grey (ok so that doesn't sound like an exciting color we'll figure out a better color name)!

Summer Information and Applications are now on the site!


A little later then we originally would have hoped for due to needing to nail down details on this new event and get information necessary to provide you with the most complete up front information we now have the information and applications on the site for the Summer of Love Event!

Merchants can get the information in the top navigation bar and apply by clicking the "Summer" menu and choosing the page you need! Please contact us in world if you have further question that are not yet answered in this information.

Also, reminder watch this space, as soon as we close applications, we will announce the theme of the fall hunt here!

And that's a wrap for now!


Once again we bring another hunt to it's conclusion. The organizer team would like to thank all of our amazing merchants who gave out awesome gifts and did lots of extra fun side hunts and other extras for our hunters! We also wish to thank all of those hunters that helped out by collecting hints in the group as they were posted and sharing them when we could not be around to do so. These are some of the things that make Twisted the very special and unique hunt that it is!

We had an awesome wrap party this past Saturday, and were glad so many of you could make it out to the party it lasted more then 10 hours and we gave away L$16,000 in cash prizes to the top 3 best in Twisted Odyssey on our contest board as well as tons and tons of awesome trivia prizes donated by many of our merchants!

Lastly, just a reminder our first ever themed summer sale event will be this June, applications and information will be up on this site soon (within the next 2 weeks) so stay tuned for that!

A Special treat for our hunters and merchants!


Courtesy of one of our awesome merchants, for those who love the twisted cubes sooo much they want one for real life. Here is a link to Voidheart Mistwalker's blog post where he has both the current Odyssey cube and the previous Qi cube available as a paper craft you can download and put together!

Our thanks to him for his time doing this so we can all now torture ourselves with cubes to hide and torment us outside of Second Life!

Spring 2016 Twisted Hunt Final Set up packs have been mailed!!


All merchants and sponsors should recieve the final set up pack the next time they log in. These packs contain everything you need to complete set up at your store. Gachas, Easel, Fancier Signs, and yes the lovely golden cubes!

As usual the mailer sends while online. Inventory offers may go stale if you are online for long periods while AFK and do not have auto accept on. If this happens please contact Rox Arten and I will gladly send a new copy of the pack.

Spring 2016 Twisted Hunt Sponsors!!


All merchants who applied have now been notified and we have chosen the sponsors... the sponsors for the spring hunt are (in alphabetic order ignoring symbols and special characters)

  • Anachron
  • Attitude is an Artform
  • Avatar Bizarre
  • Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery
  • Deluxe Body Factory
  • Fallen Gods
  • Goth1c0
  • :{MV}:
  • Roawenwood
  • Secrets of Gaia
  • Sn@tch
  • ~*Sweet Revolutions*~

Spring 2016 Twisted Hunt Merchant Applications are now closed!!


The Spring 2016 Twisted Hunt Applications are now closed. Most merchants have been notified however the last few applications that came in in the past few days we will finish up processing and send out welcome packs or decline notecards to today or tommorrow at the lastest. We also will be notifiying those who were chosen as sponsors in the next couple of days as well as announcing it here on the news page of the website! Thank you to all who applied, we more thatn filled our posted limit of 100 stores.

Spring 2016 Twisted Hunt Merchant Applications are now open!!


The Spring 2016 Twisted Hunt Applications are now open!!! PLEASE be sure to read the rules there is 1 new one since last hunt! Also be sure to fill it out fully, if we don't have correct information we may not be able to process your application!

Looking ahead to 2016!


We have announced the schedule for 2016. In addition to the 2 annual hunts and krissmuss sale, we will be adding a summer themed event sale as well! That's right folks the Twisted schedule is balancing out. Spring Hunt Applications will open first half of January, and the hunt will be March. Summer Sale event theme has been announced it will be a Twisted Summer of Love with a psychedelic feel, who's up for some tie-dye and hippy fun?!



Twisted Krissmuss is in full swing,head on over to the Krissmuss Event and check out the awesome holiday goodies the merchants have on sale for your holiday gift giving enjoyment. Additionally, we will have live DJ events several times a week starting 12/11/15!

Final Batch of Accept/Decline Notices Sent


We have completed reviewing all of the applications for the Fall 2015 Twisted Hunt. Notification for declined applications an welcome packs for accepted applications has been sent to everyone who applied. If you applied and have not recieved anything please contact Rox Arten in world via IM or notecard for redelivery. We are already hearing how excited everyone is for the theme and are looking forward to seeing what each of our chosen merchants does with it.Hunt cubes and the non sponsor kiosk version signs will be sent out by the 15th at the very latest. Thank you again to all who applied!

Applications are Now closed


We have closed applications. Thank you to all the merchants who have applied. Those who have not yet heard if they were accepted or not will get either a welcome pack or a denial notecard from us by Thursday at the latest.

Sponsors Announced


That's right we've finalized the sponsor list for the fall 2015 hunt... *drum roll* They are (In Alphabetical order, omitting special characters):

  • Anachron
  • Attitude is an Artform
  • Avatar Bizarre
  • Goth1c0
  • MiChIGaN's ShAcK!
  • :{MV}:
  • *paper moon*
  • Roawenwood
  • Secrets of Gaia
  • Sn@tch
  • The Stringer Mausoleum
  • ~*Sweet Revolutions*~

Yes that means the sponsor list is full. There are still some spots left on the hunt order if you haven't applied yet don't wait!

Twisted Organizers: Rox Arten, Lokii Violet, and Sredni Eel

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to us in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten