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Who can apply to participate in the hunt?

See the merchant entry requirements for complete information on this. You should find everything you need there. If not, send your question in a notecard to Rox Arten.

My store is in an area marked "adult" or on a "gaming region" can I still participate in the hunt?

Yes. While it's true that some hunters are going to be prevented from your location, we'll be publishing the SLurls for every store here on the website. People will be able to get around you if they need to.

Can malls/nightclubs/galleries/etc. participate in the hunt?

We'd be delighted for you to put up a poster for the hunt, but we cannot make you a hunt location. Hunt locations must be Second Life stores and entered by their owners.

Does the "hunt box" go at my main store location?

Yes, it does. The idea is that people come to your store location on the hunt - and in this fashion go from store to store across the grid. The exception is if you have given us a SLurl for a location other then your main store.That is up to you, however, unless your main location does not meet the requirements, usually it will be the larger location, offering more hiding spots and have the larger selection of your items for people to see. Twisted is a bit different then other hunts, we hear a lot from our merchants that the hunters shop a lot. So while you can decide to use another location, we'd suggest unless you have a reason not to in order to be accepted that it's likely better to do so.

What is this "hunt box" you keep talking about?

It's the item we will send you to pack your gift(s) in, that will look just like all the other hunt boxes at all the other locations. It will have your store name, as well as your number in the hunt; you will receive it a few days before the hunt starts.

What if I am a merchant, but I don’t have a main store location?

If you are in a mall but we can teleport directly to or in front of your store, you're probably safe. If you're in a shopping area that lands people in the middle of many stores and they have to figure out which one is yours, you probably won't be accepted. While we appreciate that you'd like to participate in the hunt, hunting for prize boxes is challenging enough. We don't want to make hunters hunt for stores too. MP only stores with no in world location obviusly have no location to hide the hunt prize cube so would not be able to participate in our hunts!

I bought a business in a box and opened a store. Can I participate?

We're sorry, but no. Many other people have bought that same business in a box too, and that means there isn't really anything unique about your store. This also rules out stores that sell uploaded (unoriginal) art and gestures created from movie/TV/song/etc. sound clips — since this kind of content is a violation of Copyright/IP Laws and the TOS. The hunt is for creators of original content.

I use full perm sculpted prims or other ‘parts’ I bought to create original content. Can I participate?

If you still 'build' and customize the the things you sell, then yes - you can participate. For example - if you buy sculpted hair parts and hair textures, and from that you make hair of your own design, that's just fine. If you purchase clothing templates, make no changes to them, and sell those (or do the same things with pre-textured sculpts) - then thank you, but no. The idea is to give unique gifts, and yours simply aren't unique. While we may not know that you are only using the provided textures on your items, you can be sure, someone along the way is going to notice as many of our hunters are also merchants. We do hear about these things and even worse you may end up providing a prize that because of the theme/color used for the hunt is identical to another prize, or that someone has already bought from one of any number of other stores selling idential items. We ALWAYS get those things mentioned to us, and we keep track of it and will be much more careful to check your location going forward.

Do I have to send you a full perm item to put in the hunt/give you the stuff to give away on the hunt??

No. You will receive a hunt 'box' to put your prize in yourself with your preferred permissions. You set it on your land yourself. You do not need to send us any merchandise at all. (Though if you'd like to send us a properly-permissioned copy of your hunt item, we're happy to accept.)

I sent in an application, but I haven't gotten anything back and I haven't seen my store name appear on the site. What's up?

We receive a LOT of applications to this hunt, and we're thorough when we check the stores. Everyone who applies will receive notice whether they have been accepted or not. If it's been more than a fourteen days, or the homepage of the site indicates applications have been closed and all merchants who applied notified of acceptance or declined status please contact Rox Arten.

I want to participate in the hunt, but I really don't want to be right before or after someone giving away something gross. Can you arrange that?

Hey - we don't want to be the store that comes right after the oozing alien penis pustules either... and we really hope no one submits anything with that narrow of an audience appeal as a gift. That said - this hunt is for grown-ups, and it's called Twisted. It's the risk we all take. We evaluate all applications carefully and while some merchants are bigger names and much more well known and others are newer and getting started, we believe everyone we accept has something decent to offer the market this hunt caters to of value!

I don't want to be near the end of the hunt or I want a speciic number... Can you arrange that?

Only sponsors have an ability to choose where they are in the hunt order. Here is where we get really transparent and honest with our merchants! We have never suggested first come first serve with the order only that waiting too long may mean all spots are filled. Twisted is a great deal of work that is constant, from the time one event ends we start preparing for the next one, the amount of involvement in checking locations, tracking changes, and ensuring nothing breaks the hunt path for the entire run of the hunt is part of why Twisted is so successful, while we’ve signed up to do all of this as organizers, mitigating issues before we have them is also part of our job and helps keep the hunt path from being broken unnecessarily! While to some extent the order you apply really does have an effect on the list, there are some mitigating factors that change that order.

Sponsors come first or wherever they wish to be if they have a favorite number instead and they have at times even chosen the last spot!

The last spot in the hunt is actually super important due to having an end game puzzle, when unsure of the merchant who would otherwise be in that last location asked a long time merchant who is reliable to take that spot in a bit of a way of honoring them and also ensuring that the end game LM won't vanish!

Other than this, a merchant who has a long history of issues in the past, who we are at the point of needing to decline an application or otherwise mitigate the problems they are causing, we will reserve the right to shift in the order to ensure a merchant with a history of taking care of issues quickly is before them. The decision to do this is based 100% on cold hard facts, our spreadsheets track every aspect of every hunt from store names, slurls, and contacts to every issue, notecard sent to ask for it to be fixed, and resolutions with verification is recorded with a dates and times. Those merchants won’t be shifted forever, if we’ve gotten to this point, and you still have issues we will decline future applications, and if a merchant shows they no longer have issues we will not shift them in future hunts. Before anyone panics, merchants this applies to, have been told that we are finding it hard to continue to accept them because of continual issues, been informed if they have more than one brand we will only consider a single application from them and that we will need to place them in the hunt path in a way to mitigate issues.

When will the hunt boxes be sent out?!?

Check the timeline for all relevant dates. That said, they go out within the last week prior to the hunt start. Why so late? A few reasons, first we send out all the textures and signs in the welcome pack, that gives you all you need to build things, but after that we then have to go make landmarks, make hunt boxes, name these boxes and add these landmarks. We also find that all to often in SL people move, or even something happens in RL and they have to drop out prior to the hunt starting. By sending the actual hunt boxes later rather then sooner, we can renumber to fill in gaps where people drop out, change landmarks out in them if someone moves and mitigate early issues in the hunt that otherwise require merchants to take care of issues we could otherwise have easily handled without you doing more work. We know everyone is busy and we signed up for the job of ensuring the hunt runs smoothly, so by sending the boxes out a bit later we can lessen what we have to ask you to deal with and help ensure there are just that many fewer issues to worry about when the hunt first starts. :) Merchants new to Twisted who wants to prepare for using the gacha that comes in the final pack is welcome to contact Rox Arten and ask for the instructions if you wish so that you can prepare gacha items and have them ready when you get the final package!

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten