Twisted Hunter FAQs

While this may be the hardest hunt in SL – we’re not about wasting your time. This is supposed to be fun – but sometimes stuff goes wrong that can ruin the fun. Boxes can disappear in a SIM restart, SIMs can go offline for a day, boxes that were previously set for sale can suddenly not be for sale. Or, a merchant is on an ‘adult’ sim, and you’re not age-verified. You name it, we’ve seen it happen – so, we’ve prepared for this as best we can. Here’s some help to deal with problems you may encounter.

The box doesn’t appear to be out.

Let the folks in chat know (especially the Twisted Assistants) – then pop over here to get the SLurl for the next location on the hunt. You don’t have to be held up if someone’s box disappears. BUT – you wouldn’t believe the number of times that someone’s announced in chat that the box wasn’t there when it actually was (and they just hadn’t found it yet). This wouldn’t be so bad, except that it takes hours (sometimes days) to stamp out the rumor that the box isn’t there. So make sure you know what you’re talking about. ;) As for picking up the prize – if the box really isn’t there just now, you can always come back later to pick it up.

The box isn’t for sale.

It happens sometimes – usually through SL error, occasionally through human error – and either way, it means you can’t get the next LM. Let the people in chat know (especially the Twisted Assistants) – then come here and get the SLurl to move on to the next store. Come back and pick up the prize when the box is for sale again. We should mention that if people are teleporting in and out of your location at the time, or if there’s a spike in the lag, or if a lot of people are trying to buy the same box, it can make a box appear not to be for sale when it actually is. If you find one that doesn’t seem to be for sale, give it a few minutes and a few tries before you contact a Twisted Assistant.

The next location is on an adult sim and I’m not age verified.

We can’t do anything to get you on that sim and to the prize. If you can’t get age verified, then you can’t visit this hunt location/merchant. But you can come here and get the SLurl to the next location and keep on hunting.

I don’t want to hunt in this store.

You don’t have to. Come here, get the SLurl to the next store, move on. So – you should be able to keep on hunting, really, no matter what happens – and unless the problem is age verification, you can just pick up the prizes you missed once the troubles with the location are solved. :)


While we all come wearing our big-kid pants and don’t take well to whiners so much… jerks are NOT welcome. If you don’t care for what a merchant has created, that’s fine – but trashing them in group chat is a fast way to wear out your welcome in the group. Trashing them in their store is a quick way to find yourself banned from multiple hunt locations. Likewise, using the chat group to trash fellow hunters is not cool, at all, EVER.

And just because some people aren’t clear on this – we’re going to say it here for them:

Freedom of speech is not the same as speech without consequences.
Hiding behind “I’m just sharing my opinion” won’t work.

If you need to trash-talk someone, do it in private IM to a friend – because if you do it in the group chat, you’ll be out of the group fast… possibly banned from multiple hunt locations, and possibly reported for abuse by one or more people. Seriously, we’re not kidding. We may be Twisted, but that doesn’t mean we tolerate flagrant disrespect. The only people not protected by this community-of-respect rule is the people who come to disrupt that community by being griefers or trolls – though we might point out that if you turn INTO a griefer or troll in the process of eating their head, you might suffer right along with them. “They started it” doesn’t mean you had to stoop to their level – and when we clean house, you may find yourself put out with the rest of the trash.

It kind of sucks we have to write this here – and honestly, in most Twisted Hunts before this one, the community-of-respect rule has had to be enforced very rarely. Considering that thousands of people do this hunt, the percentage of people who need to hear this is TINY. Still – it’s only fair to warn those few. We don’t know how it is everywhere else in SL, or what other people allow – but we take our sense of community VERY seriously, and we are far from all talk when it comes to dealing with it. It only seemed fair to say so… even if it’s only for the sake of a few people.

…and last, but not least


Anyone caught molesting Moo (Orvan or any of his personalities who hang out at the various stores) in a way that he doesn’t find sexually, intellectually, or visually pleasing will be summarily executed. No, really. He is the Twisted Mascot, and it’s just not a good plan to hound him for hints at any given store, yell at him, curse at him, or otherwise give him a difficult time. At best he will openly mock you. At worst, he will complain about you to the store owner, who will then likely lay the banhammer down so hard that your descendants will feel it. Just don’t.

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten