The Rules for Merchants

Why have rules? Because without them, we have headaches. That’s the collective “we” again (hunters, merchants, admins) – everyone’s life is easier if the merchants know what to do, and the hunters know what to expect. Trust us, we’ve been through this. ;) And with that said – here we go.

  1. You may not rename your hunt box. [more info]
  2. If you’re going to include a LM to your own store, it needs to be IN the box with your items. [more info]
  3. You must sell the CONTENTS of the hunt box for L$0. [more info]
  4. You need to box up your hunt gift, and put YOUR box inside the ‘hunt box’. [more info]
  5. You can’t resize, retexture, recolor, remove the rotate script, or otherwise change the external appearance of the box. [more info]
  6. You must place the hunt box within 30 meters of the place hunters land. [more info]
  7. If you’re going to hide the hunt box, you must hide it fairly.[more info]
  8. You are limited to a total of eleven (11) visible hunt boxes at your location.  [more info]
  9. You may not break up your main prize into many pieces in order to make hunters find more boxes. [more info]

So them’s the rules. If you apply/register, you’re agreeing to them. And we’ll hold you to them. You should know up front we’re going to make every SLurl of every participating store, in order, available to hunters from day 1. If you frustrate them – they’ll have the ability to move on to the next location without your gift. And that may seem just fine – but really, it’s better if they get it – because they might love your stuff and want to shop with you. But they’ll never find that out if they get so frustrated hunting for your prize that they give up and skip you.

Some Words of Friendly Warning

Every hunt, we inevitably get at least one merchant who thinks they have a good explanation why one or more of the above rules should not apply to them — so we want to be very up front and say this:

We will never agree with you.

These rules exist for very good reasons, and no merchant or sponsor is exempt from them — no matter how good a reason they think they have. If you break the rules, you will only be creating work and frustration for others — as the Twisted Assistants WILL hound you until you are back in compliance or we are forced to remove you from the hunt. For every broken rule, at least two man hours of work is created for a person who volunteers their time. It’s not fair to the hunters, it’s not fair to the assistants who must spend time making you keep your word, and it’s not fair to the other merchants who keep to the rules. We record the names of our problem children — and they may very well find themselves not invited back to the hunt again.

And if you’ve made it this far, might as well roll on to the suggestions!