Merchant Participation FAQ

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  1. Who can apply to participate in the hunt?

    See the merchant entry requirements for complete information on this. You should find everything you need there. If not, send your question in a notecard to Rox Arten, Sredni Eel, or Lokii Violet.

  2. My store is in an area marked 'adult', can I still participate in the hunt?

    Yes. While it's true that some hunters are going to be prevented from your location, we'll be publishing the SLurls for every store here on the blog. People will be able to get around you if they need to.

  3. Can malls/nightclubs/galleries/etc. participate in the hunt?

    We'd be delighted for you to put up a poster for the hunt, but we cannot make you a hunt location. Hunt locations must be Second Life stores and entered by their owners.

  4. Does the "hunt box" go at my main store location?

    Yes, it does. The idea is that people come to your store location on the hunt - and in this fashion go from store to store across the grid.

  5. What is this "hunt box" you keep talking about?

    It's the item we will send you to pack your gift(s) in, that will look just like all the other hunt boxes at all the other locations. It will have your store name, as well as your number in the hunt; you will receive it a few days before the hunt starts. See the timeline for more specific info on when to expect this.

  6. What if I am a merchant, but I don’t have a main store location?

    If you are in a mall but we can teleport directly to or in front of your store, you're probably safe. If you're in a shopping area that lands people in the middle of many stores and they have to figure out which one is yours, you probably won't be accepted. While we appreciate that you'd like to participate in the hunt, hunting for prize boxes is challenging enough. We don't want to make hunters hunt for stores too.

  7. I bought a business in a box and opened a store. Can I participate?

    We're sorry, but no. Many other people have bought that same business in a box too, and that means there isn't really anything unique about your store. This also rules out stores that sell uploaded (unoriginal) art and gestures created from movie/TV/song/etc. sound clips — since this kind of content is a violation of Copyright/IP Laws and the TOS. The hunt is for creators of original content.

  8. I use full perm sculpted prims or other ‘parts’ I bought to create original content. Can I participate?

    If you still 'build' and customize the the things you sell, then yes - you can participate. For example - if you buy sculpted hair parts and hair textures, and from that you make hair of your own design, that's just fine. If you purchase clothing templates, make no changes to them, and sell those (or do the same things with pre-textured sculpts) - then thank you, but no. The idea is to give unique gifts, and yours simply aren't unique.

  9. Do I have to send you a full perm item to put in the hunt?

    No. You will receive a hunt 'box' to put your prize in yourself with your preferred permissions. You set it on your land yourself. You do not need to send us any merchandise at all. (Though if you'd like to send us a properly-permissioned copy of your hunt item, we're happy to accept.)

  10. Do I give you the stuff to give away on the hunt?

    No. We will send you the hunt box; you will put your item(s) in the box and hide it at your own store. You don't have to send us any items. (Though if you'd like to send us your hunt item, we're happy to accept.)

  11. I sent in an application, but I haven't gotten anything back and I haven't seen my store name appear on the site. What's up?

    We receive a LOT of applications to this hunt, and we're thorough when we check the stores. Everyone who applies will receive notice whether they have been accepted or not. If it's been more than a ten days, send a notecard to Rox Arten, Sredni Eel, or Lokii Voilet.

  12. I want to participate in the hunt, but I really don't want to be right before or after someone giving away something gross. Can you arrange that?

    Hey - we don't want to be the store that comes right after the oozing alien penis pustules either... and we really hope no one submits anything with that narrow of an audience appeal as a gift. That said - this hunt is for grown-ups, and it's called Twisted. It's the risk we all take.

  13. When will the hunt boxes be sent out?!?

    Check the timeline for all relevant dates. :)