Merchant Entry Requirements

There are 125 spots available in Fall 2014 Twisted Hunt. Applicants will be reviewed in order, and the first 125 applicants to qualify will be awarded these spots.

Please make sure to review these requirements carefully. If your application is incomplete or requires changes (such as a landing point too far from your door), and 125 stores are approved before you can address the issue and resubmit your application, you will NOT be awarded one of the spots in the hunt. We urge you to take care to get it right the first time. 😉

The Twisted Hunt welcomes applications from any merchants who:

  • are creators of original content
  • have a main store location that will allow visitors to land inside or within 15 meters of the front door
  • are established and have at least 25 items in their store for sale AND have been open for at least 9 months
  • are willing to give away at least one new, original item as a hunt prize that meets the guidelines for prizes
  • are willing to display a poster for the hunt in at least one store location (up to 6 prims)
  • will be in a maximum of 4 hunts or events (including Twisted) with start dates between August 15 and October 14

We will show preference for any merchants who:

  • cater directly to the ‘Twisted’ audience
  • commit to making gifts for both women and men, or a unisex gift
  • commit to additional fun and games at their location for the hunt
    (please note that ‘typical’ side games such as midnight mania and lucky chairs do not satisfy this criteria)
  • commit to doing a special gacha for twisted hunters

We will decline any applicants who:

  • provide a SLurl or force a landing point more than 15m from their front door
  • are located in a mall without direct teleport capability
  • are not a store
  • sell ‘art prints’ that are not their own, original artwork
  • sell gestures or similar items that include sound bites from songs, television, movies, etc.
  • are resellers of other people’s stuff
    (a few vendors are okay, but must be less than 25% of your merchandise)
  • are breedables merchants
    (a few breedables or items for breedables are acceptable, but it must make up less than 25% of your merchandise)
  • market themselves directly to SL kids
    (if your keywords contain keywords aimed at SL kids, or more than 5% of your merchandise is for kids, we consider this marketing directly to SL kids)
  • are currently suspended from participating in Twisted events due to repetitive rule infractions in Twisted events and/or sister hunts.



IP Infringment, TOS Policies and You (You really need to read this.)


– The short and not so nice way of explaining it: If you are selling IP infringing items we’re going to punt you so hard out of Twisted and all future hunts and events your long since buried relatives are going to feel the boot print.

– The long, thoroughly explained, and LL explanation of IP Policies and You. (We repeat – you need to read this when you accept the rules of the hunt on the application. Failure to read and understand this will be in no fault of our own but yours. Sorry but it has to be done.)

What is the policy regarding infringing/ripped content?

The policy for all forthcoming events will be held to a new standard with the constant changes, and problems that exist in user content. If you rip stuff, be it art, textures, models, whathaveyou – we will punt you out so hard and so fast they will see you fly across the grid. We won’t hesitate either if it can be confirmed.



If you, personally, did not create the artwork or photos in that gallery YOURSELF, do not bring them to Twisted Hunt and/or our other annual events. We will remove you. If you grabbed it from the net, google, whatever, and messed with it in Photoshop – do not bring them to this event. We will remove you.

It does not matter if you make “an original piece just for the hunt/Krissmuss/etc” if everything else in your store originated as someone else’s artwork. We will not keep you in the listings. we are *Not interested* in work that is not completely created by the merchant. Please, save your time and ours – we *really will remove you* if you’re selling work that isn’t yours.


If you, personally, did not create the textures in that gallery YOURSELF, by your own hand/photo work, do not bring them to the events. We will remove you from it when we find out it’s happened. It’s the age of the internet, someone *somewhere* will have seen something from somewhere, and it better be legit.

It does not matter if you make “an original piece just for the event” if everything else in your store originated as someone else’s texture. We will remove you. we are *Not interested* in work that is not completely created by the merchant. Please, save your time and ours – we *really will remove you* if you’re selling work that isn’t yours.


Also, please read the above. This rule applies to you also.


You had to go through the same IP quiz that everyone else did to upload meshes at all. If we find out you’re selling ripped content or if we find out you’re selling INFRINGING content – which doesn’t have to be ripped, just be ripping off someone else’s IP – we will pull you out of Twisted events so fast it will make your head spin. It is not fair to everyone else who busts ass to make their own stuff from scratch. There is no way for us to know the legitimacy of every item in every store location, but you can bet that with that many eyes on items, SOMEONE will know, recognize, and prove where it came from. Don’t do it. We will find out and we will remove you from the event.

Still confused as to why? Read through LL’s terms of Infringing Policies at:

Still lost? Twisted Hunt (and Krissmuss often) is listed in the Destination Guide as an attraction event for the SL community. As such – we have to abide by the general rules of the posting requirements.

♦  ♦  Suggested venues must comply with all of the following

♦  ♦  Community Standards

♦  ♦  Trademark Guidelines

♦  ♦  Terms of Service

♦  ♦  DMCA policy

Snapshot and machinima Policy

♦  ♦  ♦  Warning: Do not suggest content that is copyrighted or otherwise subject to another party’s proprietary rights (including privacy, publicity, trademark, and trade secret rights) unless you own the rights or have the owner’s permission. Content determined to infringe upon intellectual property rights is removed from our website and services.  ♦  ♦  ♦

Further Information is found here:

There will be *NO EXCEPTIONS* to this policy. Read. Understand. We’re not being assholes, we have to follow rules – so do you.

Merchant Selection Process

Each applying merchant is ‘scored’ on multiple criteria, most of which are expressed above. If a merchant’s tallied points result in an overall passing score, they are accepted into the hunt. If the tallied points do not amount to a passing score, the application is declined. While we will not share the exact point system (for obvious reasons), merchants who take the above lists to heart should find themselves favorably scored.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we will not be able to provide explanations for declined applications. If your application is declined, it is likely you can discern the reason by reviewing the merchant entry requirements above.

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