How It Works/Timeline

The deadline for applications is August 13, 2014. Applications may close earlier if all available spots in the hunt are filled before this date.

There are 125 spots available in Fall 2014 Twisted Hunt. Applicants will be reviewed in order, and the first 125 applicants to qualify will be awarded these spots. In the past, we’ve raised the cap because of the volume of applications. This time we will NOT raise the limit. 125 stores is plenty.

Important Dates

July 28:
Registration for all merchants opens.

August 13:
This is the deadline for applications ALL participating merchants.
No applications will be accepted after midnight.

August 17-18:
Walkthrough to check for signs.  Must be in plain view, preferably at the landing spot in your store.

August 25:
The final list of merchants is published.

August 25:
Twisted gacha machines are delivered to anyone who agreed to do gacha prizes in their application.

August 25:
Final merchant packages are delivered. The final merchant package contains the hunt boxes.

August 30 (New!):
All merchants MUST have their boxes out and set for sale (Set for sale at 0L and CONTENTS)  (the gift doesn’t need to be in yet). We’ll be spending time on the 30th to do a walk-through. Merchants without boxes out may be dropped from the hunt.  Please, this is very important.  We want the walkthrough to go quickly.  You can hide your boxes ON THE 31st.  Again, please Set for sale at 0L and CONTENTS, and please leave next to your hunt sign till the walkthrough is over.

August 30 (New!):
Merchants, if you’re going to submit a hint, this is your deadline to do so.  While it’s optional  hunters have asked we  include in the merchant list an indication of if they have a gacha, side hunt, or extras and to do that effectively we really need merchants to at least fill  that part of the form out even if they say  they are not providing a hint… and a note that if no hint is provided we will make one up ourselves.   (These can easily be added to the hint submission form as well  so that we can just put a key at the top of the merchant list page  like G=Gacha S=Side Hunt O=Other Extras and have just the simple letters after the store name  on the list)

August 31:
Gifts must be in the main hunt boxes by midnight. Hunt starts at 12:01!

Sept 1:
The hunt begins!

Oct 1:
Merchants may take their hunt boxes up today; the hunt is over, and a great time was had by all. =)
And – today is a good day to send big loves and thank-you presents to the Twisted Assistants, who gave freely of their time to make sure the hunt went as smoothly as possible.

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