How It Works/Timeline

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2015. Applications may close earlier if all available spots in the hunt are filled before this date. We are aware applications opened later then usual this time around, and the application period is shorter then usual. We apologize for this there was an unfortunate issue with the website that delayed us.

There are 125 spots available in Spring 2015 Twisted Hunt. Applicants will be reviewed in order, and the first 125 applicants to qualify will be awarded these spots. In the past, we’ve raised the cap because of the volume of applications. This time we will NOT raise the limit. 125 stores is plenty.

Important Dates

February 15:
This is the deadline for applications ALL participating merchants.
No applications will be accepted after midnight.

February 25:
The final list of merchants is published.

Februrary 25:
Final merchant packages are delivered. The final merchant package contains the hunt boxes. Additionally, this package will include the gachas. As we have had many change their mind after the application we now deliver these to all merchants so anyone who decides to do one even part way through the month has them available!

February 28:
Gifts must be in the main hunt boxes by midnight. Hunt starts at 12:01!

March 1:
The hunt begins!

April 1:
Merchants may take their hunt boxes up today; the hunt is over, and a great time was had by all. =)
And – today is a good day to send big loves and thank-you presents to the Twisted Assistants, who gave freely of their time to make sure the hunt went as smoothly as possible.