For Merchants

This section of the website is for merchants who need information on how to enter and conduct their store in the hunt. While anyone is welcome to read this section, those are probably the only people who will find it useful. :)

Welcome to the Twisted Hunt! (Or, welcome back if you’re a veteran!)

Every time we do this, we comment on how many hunts have sprung up in Second Life. And there’s even more now. We still like to think we contributed to their popularity (but then, we like to think a lot of things).

We think this hunt rocks. We think you bunch of freaks rock. All you scream queens, horror junkies, fetish fans, sex maniacs, the lot of you. The Twisted Hunt exists for a few reasons. First – because all us twisted types needed a hunt of our very own. So twisted merchants could have the pleasure of thanking the people who support their creative endeavors, by providing great gifts and excellent fun. So twisted shoppers, fortune hunters, and those new to a twisted second life could enjoy a challenging game rife with twisted prizes and discover some new stores that are destined to become their favorite haunts of the future. So the whole twisted lot of us could have our own reindeer games, without having to throw away 90% of what we hunted for because it “just isn’t our speed”. More than a few imitators have emerged since the first Twisted Hunt in March of 2009 – but Twisted Hunt was first, and we mean to keep doing it as long as the fantastically freaky creators and shoppers of SL will do it with us!

But we weren’t kidding when we said there were a LOT of hunts out there. So what’s going to make this one any different? We are. That’s us (the coordinators), us (the merchants), and us (the hunters). Our “rules” are a little strict – we’re going to list them on this site, so make sure you’re okay with them before you apply/register. We have some guidelines and suggestions, too – but we’ll be clear about those below too, so no one has to find any nasty surprises later.

We suggest you read all the material here. Yeah, it’s gonna take a little time. But a lot of questions are answered here – and it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into. So grab a drink and dig in!

How it Works/Timeline
If you’re looking for the dates for this hunt, from registration to start to finish, this is where you’ll find them.

Merchant Entry Requirements
Wondering if you can make it into the hunt? This page details who we take and who we don’t. It also contains information that can help you get your application approved. Highly recommended reading.

Guidelines for Prizes
There are guidelines for hunt prizes – and here’s where you’ll find them. Make sure you read this before you apply.

The Rules for Merchants
The non-negotiable bits; what you’re agreeing to if you decide to be in this hunt. It’s not actually as bad as we make it sound, and we don’t actually have that many – but we’re pretty big on the rules we DO have, so make sure you read these well.

The Suggestions for Merchants
Some ideas to make life as a hunt merchant better. And life for hunters better. And just some stuff we’ve discovered along the way. All optional.

Merchant Participation FAQ
You have questions? We have answers. And we put them here. Check here before you IM a hunt organizer; it’s a MUCH faster way to get answers.

Become a Featured Sponsor
Get the skinny on what it takes to be a featured sponsor, what featured sponsors get, and how to become one. Space is limited – so read fast if you’re going to. 😉

Merchant Application
Applications will open for Fall, 2014 on July 25.