There’s a great bunch of merchants in the Twisted Hunt, but – sometimes there are problems. Sometimes boxes disappear while someone is offline for a vacation. Sometimes someone changes a landing point after we check it. Sometimes people don’t pay attention the way they should. If you encounter a problem – here’s what you should do, to help yourself and everyone else on the hunt!

Please – do not use this if you’re just having a hard time finding a box! Hunting is part of the fun – and you can always ask for help in the Twisted Hunt group if you have to. 😉 This is for real problems – like the box is gone, or you’ve been forced to TP somewhere other than where the LM says you should.

Please – do not contact the merchant – if there is a true problem we will approach them on behalf of the hunt.

If you think you have discovered a problem, here’s what to do:

  • Create a new notecard.
  • Name it: Twisted Hunt Problem – Your Name
  • In the notecard put:
    • Your Name: (again)
    • The SLurl where you are having the problem.
    • The name of the store you are having a problem with.
    • Describe the problem to the best of your ability.
      (Just saying, “I went to the wrong place” doesn’t really help us troubleshoot.)
  • Send the notecard to Sredni Eel, Lokii Violet or Rox Arten, (or you can even drop it to all of us). We’re almost always logged in, but not always at the computer – so we may not get your notecard right away. We’ll get it when we come back though!

We’ll take care of the trouble as quickly as we can. Thanks for helping out!

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