We are looking for bloggers with great photos, a good-looking blog theme and format to help us spread the word about the amazing items offered by the merchants in Twisted hunts and events. As of right now the schedule is 4 large events every year March (Spring Twisted Hunt), June (Twisted Summer Sale RFL event), September (Fall Twisted Hunt), and December (Twisted Krissmuss holiday gift sale). That said we are also preparing for a huge 10th anniversary celebration year in 2018 and have plans for additional events. Bloggers added to our blogger list will not need to reapply each time but we will ask that those that cannot blog during any specific event let us know (we’ll send a reminder to let us know to the list as we gear up for the event) so that we know who will and won’t be able to cover each event.

All applications will be reviewed by the Twisted Team. We will notify all applicants of the final application status, whether that be accepted, wait listed, or declined. Please note, we do this because we feel it’s important that people are not just wondering about an application for our merchants and will continue this same policy with blogger applications! If your application is declined it is not personal. Like merchants applicants are evaluated for meeting requirements.

You can find our Facebook and Flicker groups in the side navigation as well as our newer Tumbler blog!


  1. Your blog must have at least 6 months of regular posts (with at least one post per week on average), show date you posted each blog post, and it must be active for us to evaluate it and we will check.

  2. Your pictures must be high quality and while we will leave the style of those images up to the individual bloggers, they must show the items you blogged clearly.

  3. Your blog photos are accompanied by at least details crediting the designers and every post for the event or hunt must include the event name and SLURL in a way that provides readers an easy way to get to the event.

  4. You must have the capability to post on FLICKR and Facebook. You will be required to add your blog images to our Flickr group and post a link to it in the Facebook group.

  5. Blog the press release within the 4 days prior to and 3 days after the start of the event as well as post at least one post per week during the Hunt or Event. As events are a month long a post a week is not asking too much. This will be monitored strictly with non-compliant bloggers being removed. All your required posts must be made during the Hunt or the event.

  6. Fill out the blog post submission form on the Twisted Website. We will use this to notify our merchants as well as post a weekly list to our hunt group of all blog posts.

  7. Each blogger will be assigned an equal number of merchants that must appear in at least one post during the event. This is to prevent some merchants being left out while others get covered in every blog. That said, any of these merchants who do not send a blogger pack will be optional. We will not require bloggers to blog anyone who does not provide an item to be blogged and our merchants will be notified of this. That said, an attempt to in some way blog that merchant even if you do not get a pack will certainly be appreciated.

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten