The cubes are in my brain…

Twisted is well underway and most of the hunt path kinks have been ironed out by this time.  There are a few tips and tricks to making it out of Twisted alive, and while most veteran hunters know them, the newer hunters may not.  So here’s a quick and dirty hunter’s help list:

1. Never ever, under pain of death and dismemberment, use your derender during Twisted. Seriously.  The rules allow for 10 visible decoys plus the actual hunt cube in ever store. That means the decoys are identical to the hunt cube in shape, size and pattern.  It also means visible to the eye as you cam the store. Key word here is VISIBLE. Aside from the visible decoys, the store may (and probably does) have dozens, if not hundreds, of decoy cubes embedded in the walls, floor and ceilings – not visible to the eye without derender and therefore not counted as a decoy.  Use your cam and your eyes, folks.

2. When you arrive at a store, take a couple steps, even if you can’t see anything yet.  This gets you off the LM landing point and prevents traffic jams as other people teleport in on top of your head and are left swimming in the air, unable to move. It’s just common courtesy.

3. Yelling out the location in local chat is a death sentence, plain and simple. It will get you banned not only from the store you do it in, but most likely from a few other stores in the hunt as well. If you are hunting with friends, use instant messages or private chats if you are on voice.  Merchants do compare notes and a ban in one store often leads to bans in several.  The same goes for teleporting your friends in to the cube location, standing on top of the cube and generally being an asshat who disrupts the hunt for others.

4. Slow down. Give the stores a chance to fully rez.  Sometimes it takes a minute for the cubes to pop into sight and you don’t want to miss them.

5. Hit the easels if the store has one out – these have information about the store and Twisted extras, such as side games, gachas, special sales.

6. If you need help, use the group chat. There are people available almost 24/7 during the hunt who can give hints, check trouble spots, verify that yes, there is a freakin’ cube in such-and-such store even though you have been staring at the walls for an hour.  There are also people to commiserate with (or laugh at) you when you feel like tearing out your hair.  (As a side note, Twisted takes donations of all tears shed during the hunt by hunters. They are used to feed the newborn baby cubes.)

7. Have fun.  There is an incredible amount of work that goes into each Twisted Hunt, both behind the scenes by the coordinators and by the merchants in the weeks leading up to each hunt. Hundreds of gifts are created, stores are redecorated, amazing side game builds are put together. Explore the stores, play the games, let yourself get fully pulled into the Twisted spirit.  Once you complete your first Twisted, you will be hooked and having only 2 hunts a year will never seem like enough.

tl;dr? Don’t be a dick, use your eyes, have fun.  =)

Cheers and Happy Hunting,