It’s begun…

The clock strikes midnight and you slowly become aware of a faint glowing light where there should be none at this hour. The light strengthens, the glow bathing the room and you realize it’s not just a light, but a portal. A swirling, shimmering doorway floating in the middle of the room. A faint breeze tickles along your neck as you stand and move closer, curiosity overriding any sense of fear. You can see something swirling in the depths of the opening, a square, no, a cube…a Twisted cube, just beyond your reach. You lean in a bit more, stretching your arm for the cube – only to find yourself hurtling through the doorway, sucked into the silent vortex of spinning colors and mist.

Welcome to the 12th Biannual Twisted Hunt, Twisted Time Warp. You have until midnight, September 30th, to complete the hunt and find your way home.

The Twisted Time Warp hunt is slightly different from most Twisted hunts: this year, instead of a specific hunt color and theme, the Powers That Be decided it was time for a walk down memory lane and so ALL of the previous 11 hunt colors and themes are fair game for ONE hunt only.  Over the next few days, we’ll be bringing you a look at some of the amazing prizes and hunt items you can find as you work through the Time Warp, so be sure to check back often.

And now…clear your schedule, stock up on lindens/alcohol/headache meds, arrange for delivery of food and drink, and strap yourself in for the ride….Twisted Time Warp has begun!